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How Glass Table Tops Can Improve Your Everyday Life

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019


How Glass Table Tops Can Improve Your Everyday LifeThe kitchen is the heart of the home, and the dining table is the gathering place. Unfortunately, too many families don’t use their dining table to eat together anymore. With the rush of school starting, jam-packed work schedules, and social events, who has time to cook, let along eat a meal together? However, studies show that it might be worth it to slow down a bit and make time. Some of the benefits of family dinners include better academic performance, higher self-esteem, and lower risk of depression. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we applaud any effort to gather as a family throughout the day and specialize in creating a beautiful and functional place to do so. With plenty of options to choose from, we can help you create the custom glass table top of your dreams. 


Glass Table Tops


Does one of the reasons you avoid dinner with the family have nothing to do with meal planning? Is it the thought of wiping off the table afterward? Or clearing off the table beforehand? Having a place that you look forward to going and a table that you love sitting at can change how you feel. You can customize glass table tops any way you like and fit them in any space in your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast area. Rectangular, round, oblong-you name it, our team at Giant Glass & Mirror can design and fabricate it using high-quality glass products. If you already have a table that you love, consider placing a piece of glass on top of it. Glass table tops cut to size to fit your current table will protect it from sticky fingers, tiny crumbs and potential scratches. Glass table tops are easy to wipe clean and help make family dinner time something to look forward to. 


Incorporating Glass Table Tops at Work


Incorporating Glass Table Tops at WorkIf you find yourself experiencing the same issue of avoiding social interaction around a table at the office as you do at home, there may be some parallels. Conference table discussions go a lot smoother when you don’t have to worry about creating a water stain if you put your drink down. Furniture lasts longer with glass on top of it, meaning you’ll help your company save money in the long run by using a glass table top cut to size on all of the desks and tables. Another benefit to glass in commercial spaces is that it adds a clean and modern feel. When you want a space to feel more professional and organized, add glass table tops. The smooth, transparent appearance of glass will instantly update your office atmosphere. 


Other Types of Glass Tables


When considering switching to a glass table top, don’t just think places where you sit. Consider the advantages of using a round glass coffee table in a small space. Adding glass in other areas of your home, such as coffee tables, side tables, and buffet tables is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to update and modernize your home. Round glass tables are often safer for children and coordinate with any style of décor. Especially when you have a smaller space that you want to feel larger, glass will keep your eyes moving through the furniture rather than around it while letting more light in as well. 


Using the Right Glass 


Using the Right Glass At Giant Glass & Mirror, we use only the highest quality glass products. If you already have a glass table or glass table top on your existing furniture, we offer both round and rectangle glass table top replacement. Just show us what you want us to recreate, and our team of experts will make it come to life. We use tempered glass which is strengthened through a heating and cooling process that makes the glass both stronger and safer. In the rare case that it does shatter, it will break into pieces that won’t cut you or your loved ones. Now shipping nationwide, at Giant Glass & Mirror we can cater to anyone searching for “glass table tops near me.” No matter where you live, take advantage of our high-quality glass products at discounted prices. We also ship all of our other products including frameless tub enclosures, frameless shower doors, glass shelves,  or mirrors anywhere in the U.S. 


“We contacted Joseph for glass shower doors in two bathrooms. He came, measured, gave us a quote and honored everything. His staff is very efficient, and everything was done totally professional. I would not hesitate to use this company again or to recommend them.” -Sari S. 


Contact Giant Glass & Mirror today for a free estimate on any of your glass and mirror needs.  

How to Use Mirrors in Your Garden

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

How to Use Mirrors in Your GardenYou’ve heard how you can use mirrors to make a small home feel bigger, but have you ever thought about how you can apply this same concept outside of the home? Trying to grow a vegetable garden or flower bed in a small yard can drive you a little crazy. However, adding a mirror to your garden can make it feel less cramped and reflect light at the same time, helping your little garden look bigger while getting more sunshine. Mirrors outdoors are a great way to cover unsightly objects and add interest to your space. No matter what size your yard is or how hard it may seem to hang a mirror outside, we’ll prepare you with tips on how to effectively place a mirror in your garden or outdoor dining area in the correct way and for the maximum effect. 


In the Garden


When you have anything you want to showcase in your garden, such as a statue or a flower bed, adding a mirror behind or nearby it creates a more dramatic effect. You can also lay any size mirror down on the ground and create the illusion of a water feature by surrounding it with rocks and pebbles. Additionally, mirror mosaics are a great way to add interest to your garden. Consider hanging small pieces of mirror in a beautiful pattern along your fence to create dimension, light, and a beautiful piece of art to enjoy. You can also add unusually shaped pieces of mirror to random places in your backyard or attach smaller mirrors to low hanging branches on your trees to create an interesting lighting effect or sculpture. A mirrored lattice, mirrored window pane, mirrored fence, and decorative mirror balls are all amazing ways to use mirrors in gardens and add more light and beauty to your outdoor area. 


Outdoor Dining Area


amazing ways to use mirrors in gardensIf you enjoy entertaining outside, consider placing a custom mirror alongside your dining area. This will make your eating area feel larger while reflecting any lighting you have such as candles or twinkle lights, increasing the ambiance. When you want to create height in your space place your mirrors vertically or to create length place them horizontally. Placing a large mirror vertically near your dining area will create the illusion of a doorway or outdoor portal. This adds an element of mystery and magic to your space, enhancing the al fresco experience. If you have an outdoor area for washing up, adding a mirror above the sink is an excellent way to make it feel more elegant.  


Mirror Safety Tips


When you place mirrors outside, you need to protect them from the elements. Some people like the weathered, distressed look of mirrors that have been through years of heat and rain.  However, for others who want to keep their mirror looking brand new, make sure to keep it in a covered area or spray the frame with a protective, water-resistant layer of paint. It’s also important to protect wildlife from injuring themselves on your outdoor mirrors. Take the time to watch the flight patterns of birds that enter your backyard and make sure that you aren’t placing any mirrors in their way.


Additionally, be careful to never place your mirrors in direct sunlight. Though you do want the light reflecting off of them, you don’t want it to be so bright that you can’t go outside or that it causes a fire. Soften the effect by placing mirrors in shaded areas and behind ivy. 


Giant Glass & Mirror 


Contact Giant Glass and Mirror today to get a free estimate on your next glass or mirror project. It can be difficult to find mirrors that look exactly the way you want them to for your outdoor space. When you need custom mirrors cut into interesting shapes and specific sizes, Giant Glass & Mirror is the company to go to. With over 20 years of experience and access to the highest quality glass products, you won’t have to worry about your mirrors looking commonplace. Since we use tempered glass at Giant Glass & Mirror, our products are stronger than regular glass and won’t be a safety issue. No matter what kind of mirror you need, we can create it. We offer custom bathroom mirrors, custom beveled mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, and more. We also manufacture a variety of glass products such as frameless tub enclosures, frameless glass showers, glass shelves, glass partition walls, and more. Contact Giant Glass and Mirror today to get a free estimate on your next glass or mirror project. 

Why Glass Partition Walls are the Rising Trend in Homes and Offices

Monday, August 19th, 2019

Why Glass Partition Walls are the Rising Trend in Homes and OfficesHome décor trends change all the time, with each new year and season bringing a fresh perspective. The interior design trends here to stay in 2019 involve more organic shapes and natural materials, jewel tones, textures, earthy vibes, and deep couch cushions. Another trend that has been on the rise is the use of wall partitions. The popularity of open floor plans makes it easier for homeowners to feel like their home is bright and airy. However, open floor plans also present the problem of less privacy. When everyone can see and hear everything that’s going on around the house in an open layout, it takes away from the coziness of being in a small space or a private area and creates substantial noise. That’s where wall partitions or room dividers come in.


Benefits of Wall Partitions


Partition walls are both functional, beautiful, and a great way to break up any room without changing the structure of your home. You can also find wall partitions made out of any type of material and countless designs. It’s a fun way to add personality to a space while creating more privacy. Keep the open feel of your home while adding the coziness of a smaller area, with tempered glass walls. Transparent, durable, safe, and sound blocking, you can design glass partition walls to fit your home’s style, no matter what it is.


Glass Partition Walls for Your Home


Glass Partition Walls for the Office and Home

Glass partitions are popping up in new homes everywhere. You can design them in a way to allow more light into your home, create smaller spaces, or connect with the outdoors. Consider putting a glass partition wall between your kitchen and dining room to make your dining room feel extra special. Or, place glass partition walls in the middle of your home to create a playroom or homework area, where you can keep an eye on the kids without feeling like you can’t hear yourself think. For a luxury feel, use glass walls around your indoor pool or hot tub, or for your walk-in closet. Customize your glass partition wall design at Giant Glass & Mirror, by choosing the glass thickness, detail, shape, size, and more. No matter what you have in mind, our team of experts can make your vision come to life and install it in your home.


Glass Partition Walls for the Office


Glass office partitions are also becoming more and more popular in 2019. The advantages of using glass in commercial buildings go beyond creating a professional and open atmosphere. Even a glass partition that goes halfway up the length of the wall can significantly reduce noise in areas where people need to focus. They also allow more natural light into the building which promotes productivity, and they’ll encourage more collaboration among employees since no one is completely closed off from anyone else. Learning how to implement glass partition walls in commercial spaces will increase the value of your workplace. Consider opening up your office space and replacing regular doors with a beautiful, clean, modern-looking glass partition wall.


Giant Glass & Mirror


Giant Glass & Mirror in South FloridaIf you’re not sure how to incorporate this trend into your home or office, we can offer some beautiful and functional ways to use glass partition walls in any space. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we specialize in all products involving glass. We can help you create the glass partition wall of your dreams, along with any other glass products you need such as tabletops, frameless shower doors, frameless tub enclosures, glass shower shields, glass shelves, custom mirrors, and more. Our number one priority is our customers’ satisfaction. We genuinely believe that our job isn’t complete until you are satisfied. With over 20 years of experience creating high-quality glass products and installing them successfully in the South Florida area, you can rest assured that your next residential or commercial project will add value to your home.

Five Tips to Improve Your Morning Routine

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Five Tips to Improve Your Morning RoutineDid you know that most successful people have an established morning routine? President Obama does his workout every single morning, followed religiously by breakfast with his daughters. Jane Austen would wake up, play the piano, cook breakfast, and then write. Steve Jobs asked himself each morning, “If today were my last day on earth what would I do differently?” It’s the small things that we do every single day that make the biggest difference. Establishing your own morning routine is simple; the hard part is sticking to it. If you want to improve your morning routine, think about what you want it to accomplish. Do you want to feel happier? More productive? Healthier? Once you know what you want out of life, you can perfect your morning routine to give you the results you need. Consider the following five tips:



Set Up Barriers



What’s keeping you from a smooth morning routine? If you’re constantly hitting snooze, try placing your alarm clock further away. Don’t allow yourself to do things that distract from your goals. For example, don’t check social media first thing in the morning if it’s going to make you late for your workout. Remind yourself that you have the rest of the day to do everything else you want. Block the people and things from your life that are negative influences by turning your phone on silent and not letting any distractions in. Mornings are sacred, and your routine should be too. 



Be Intentional


Don’t just avoid all the bad things, make it easier to stick to your morning routine by going to bed earlier, setting realistic goals, and being intentional. When you set out your clothes the night before, you’ll have fewer decisions to make in the morning. When your bathroom is clean and functioning properly, you won’t have to worry about anything tripping you up (literally) during your morning routine. Keep everything simple and straightforward. Make a plan and stick to it. The more consistent you are with your morning routine, the more it will become second nature, and you’ll start to notice a difference in your overall life. 

Invest in Hydroslide Doors 



Invest in Hydroslide Doors 



Speaking of making things easier and your routine smoother, hydroslide frameless shower doors make getting ready for the day something to look forward to. Don’t let your dirty shower curtain or your loud framed shower door mess with your calm and focused headspace. Instead, use a hydroslide shower enclosure that opens and closes quietly and smoothly, to help keep your morning routine flawless and functional.



Multi-Task in the Mornings



When you multi-task in the mornings, you’ll feel more productive with less effort during the rest of the day. Try calling a friend or family member on the way to work or listening to a podcast while you get ready.  You could also repeat positive affirmations while you cook a healthy breakfast. You’ll feel like you can conquer anything when you take the time to do a few things at once in the mornings. Especially if they’re all things that are good for your mind and body. 






Five Tips to Improve Your Morning Routine

This is the hardest step of them all. Be consistent! The best way to do this is to be realistic with yourself. Not sure if you can run a mile every single morning? Start with every other day and work your way up to it. When you’re first getting started, writing a morning routine to-do list on the fridge or bathroom mirror may help you stick to all the things you want to do. If you end up forgetting, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day. The beauty of mornings is that there’s a new one each day and it’s up to you what you want to do with it. 


While some of these steps can be challenging, finding the perfect hydroslide shower enclosure is simple. When you’re looking for “hydroslide doors near me,” look no further than Giant Glass & Mirror. Now shipping nationwide, we can design and create any shower door that you are interested in as well as other glass and mirror products. We specialize in creating smooth, high functioning, lightweight shower doors that glide quietly for you every single morning. This way, if your morning routine involves getting up early, your partner or roommate won’t be disrupted. Contact Giant Glass & Mirror for a free estimate on your next glass or shower product. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our high-quality glass products and your hydroslide shower door installation. 


The Benefits of a Splash Guard in Your Bathroom

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

The Benefits of a Splash Guard in Your BathroomWhen you’re updating your bathroom, don’t just focus on looks. Making your bathroom beautiful is important but making sure it is functional and solving your everyday problems is essential. Glass shower splash guards kill two birds with one stone by being both modern, streamlined, and beautiful while also being functional and solving common problems of shower curtains and framed tub and shower enclosures. The difference between a glass shower enclosure and a glass shower splash guard is that you would more commonly use a splash guard when you have both a shower and a tub in one. Because it is just a fixed glass shower panel, you can customize splash guards to fit any space and any size bathroom. With framed shower enclosures, it’s much harder to include a tub and customization is not always possible. Here are some of the benefits of installing a glass shower shield, or splash guard:




There’s no doubt that adding a glass shower splash guard to your bathroom will add style and value to your home. The clean, modern look that splash guards portray makes any room feel instantly updated. Since they are transparent, shower shields also make your small bathroom look larger, brighter, and more open.




Because you only need one piece of glass for a shower shield, it is automatically much more affordable than an entire framed enclosure or several pieces of glass would be. Shower shield costs vary depending on the size, shape, style, design, glass thickness, hardware, and more. But in general, it’s an affordable way to update your bathroom. Shower guard in your Florida home



Ease of cleaning and fewer maintenance requirements are two of the biggest reasons why people choose glass shower shields. There are several ways to clean a glass shower door, but one of the easiest is to squeegee the glass after every shower and then occasionally spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it off. With frameless shower shields, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew gathering like it might in a framed enclosure, and you don’t have to worry about stained and smelly shower curtains.




Glass splash guards are a wonderful option because they can fit in any space. They’re easy to install, look great, and are completely customizable from glass thickness to hardware finish. You decide if you only want your splash guard to keep water off the rest of the bathroom, or if you want to make it a little longer and add a design to it.




Glass shower shields save you money because they last forever. Rather than having to worry about washing or switching out your shower curtain, you’ll have an easy to clean glass panel that won’t deteriorate over time. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your home forever, you should have a glass shower shield installed because it will increase the value of your home making it easier to sell or ask for a higher price.




Shower panels are a safer option for people of all ages. Whether you have young kids, are an adult or have a senior in your home, installing a handle or bar to your glass shower panel adds safety when standing in a slippery area. Rather than risk the chances of you or a loved one getting hurt, it’s best to stay on the safe side and invest in a glass splash guard with a handle that everyone can hold onto.


Customize Your Shower Guard


With Giant Glass & Mirror, you can customize your shower guard easily. Our experienced and talented team of experts can help you come up with a design that matches your style and then suggest the best glass products for it. Since we know that safety and quality are important to you, we recommend either ½” or 3/8” thickness for your glass. All of our glass is tempered, meaning it’s been through a heating and cooling process that strengthens it and makes it safer. If you’re not sure what kind of design you want, we can suggest several options. Clear, frosted, or custom patterns are available when deciding how you want your glass shower guard to look. When choosing the size of your glass, consider things like how you will reach the tub knobs and turn the shower on, and how much steam you want to escape the shower area. You’ll want your shower to be easily accessible without having to get wet every time you turn it on. Whatever you decide to do, we will support you and guide you the entire way. Click here for a free quote on your next shower splash guard today.

Freestanding vs. Built-In Tubs

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Freestanding vs. Built-In TubsIn a world that is ever surging toward more modern design ideas, should you even still have a tub in your home? While big, frameless showers are definitely in, it’s still important for resell value to include a tub in your bathrooms. Even if you don’t have small children or like to soak in the tub, the next family might. If you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, think about guests and anticipate their needs. Tubs are a great idea to increase the value of your home, add functionality as well as beauty to your bathrooms and should be an addition to any showering space. The real question is, what type of tub do you want? Freestanding or built-in? Framed or with a frameless tub enclosure? We’ll list the qualities of each below and let you decide what’s best for your home and particular lifestyle. 


Freestanding Tubs


Charming, claw-footed, and romantic, freestanding tubs are a great option if you want to make a statement. They are known for being luxurious, deep, relaxing, and come in all styles and shapes. Since they are surrounded by air and don’t have much insulation, free-standing tubs do have the drawback of cooling off faster than built-ins. Try getting an acrylic model or regularly adding more hot water if you want to keep the water hotter for longer. These tubs are also known for being difficult to clean. Getting around and under the curves and openings of the tub can be frustrating. Additionally, freestanding tubs tend to be pricier, and adding a shower to them is difficult. Though they have some disadvantages, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of a freestanding tub as it may be worth it to you to invest in one for the classic and unique look it provides. 


Built-in Tubs


Some of the benefits of built-in tubs are that they are less expensive, keep your water hot longer, and are easier to clean. It’s also easy to save space with a built-in tub because the tub can be the shower space as well. You can keep the water contained in the bathtub and not have to worry about it splashing all over the floor (unless you have little children, then you may still have to worry). Nowadays, it’s easy to find built-in tubs that are large, jetted, and deep enough to be just as luxurious as freestanding tubs, some with enough room for two. Keep the open feel of your bathroom by using a frameless hinged tub door instead of a shower curtain. Frameless tub enclosures automatically upgrade any space and make it feel larger. With a glass bathtub door, you’re allowed the feel of privacy without being cramped. 


Types of Built-in Tubs


Types of Built-in TubsThe type of built-in tub you get and the style of the door around it both affect the benefits it provides. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, but the three most common types of built-in tubs are undermount, drop-in, and apron (Apartment Therapy):





An undermount tub can be installed to be able to accommodate draining water from a shower above, since the tub actually sits underneath a horizontal surface of either stone or tile, but the installation can sometimes get tricky. It may end up being a bit more expensive since you’d likely be buying a slab of stone of some sort to have for the deck, though tile is also an option.






A drop-in tub can be more cost-efficient because of install and materials; these tubs are often acrylic and not cast iron. Because it sits atop the horizontal deck, it comes with a lip that sits atop the horizontal surface to prevent water from overflowing – though some people don’t like this look. A shower over a drop-in tub would not be ideal, since the tub lip blocks the water on the deck from draining into the tub. 






If you’re looking for something in between, you can always count on apron tubs. These are the tubs that are in most homes, with tiled walls on three sides and the tub material continuing down to the floor — like an apron. Since these tubs have a finished wall, they strike a good balance between the architectural beauty of a freestanding tub and the practicality of a built-in tub. Apron tubs are also more affordable. Since the whole tub is one unit, there’s no need to install a surface over the tub or in front, which is good for your budget.” 



No matter what you decide to do in your bathroom, make sure that you end up going with something that is both functional and beautiful for you. Framed or frameless, freestanding or built-in, the options are endless, and each one has its own positive characteristics. Keep in mind the style of your home and how you want to feel when you walk into your bathroom, and while you are taking a bath. Then choose the option that fits best with that and your budget. When considering frameless tub enclosures, contact Giant Glass & Mirror to learn about all your tub enclosure options. We have everything from frameless pivot tub doors, trackless shower doors for tubs, half glass shower doors for tubs, and much more. Contact us today for all your glass and mirror needs. 


Frameless Shower Door FAQ’s

Monday, August 5th, 2019

Before you decide if a frameless shower door is right for you, it’s important to get all of your questions answered. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about frameless shower doors that you may or may not have thought of. When you meet with a glass company about your shower door, it is always wise to ask them these questions and make sure that you know everything there is to know about frameless shower doors. Frameless shower doors greatly minimize mold and mildew growth, are easier to maintain, and make any space look more open and updated. If you have been thinking about getting a frameless shower door, consider the following answers, and then decide if it’s still the right choice for you. Frameless Shower Door FAQ’s


Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?


Frameless shower doors are not perfectly watertight. There are spaces in some that allow for airflow and door function. However, if properly installed, you should have no problem with water leaking or spilling onto your bathroom floor. Your installer can make sure that the door is as close to the shower floor as possible or add a plastic sweep kit to block water from leaking out. 


How Much do Frameless Shower Doors Cost?


This depends on the quality of glass used, amount of hardware added, size of shower door, and customization involved. At Giant Glass & Mirror, you can customize everything from hardware finish to glass thickness. On average, glass shower doors cost anywhere from $900-$1800 or more. Call us for a free quote to find out what the price would be for your unique frameless shower door. 


Are Frameless Shower Doors Safe?


Yes, frameless shower doors are completely safe. They are made from tempered glass so that if for some reason they do shatter, they will shatter into small pieces that won’t cut you. A major reason glass shower doors break is because they aren’t installed properly. At Giant Glass & Mirror, our experienced experts take their time with the installation, making sure it is precise and perfect. The more you trust your shower door provider, the safer your glass shower door will be. 


Frameless vs. Semi Frameless: What’s the Difference? 


Frameless vs. Semi Frameless: What’s the Difference? Frameless doors have no frame whatsoever. They attach to other glass panels by hinge only whereas semi-frameless shower doors have partial metal frames. Usually, the metal frame is around the outside of the structure, but not around the entire door.  


Do I Need a Header for My Frameless Shower Door? 


With most frameless shower doors, the glass door is hinged to one or two glass panels. In order to lessen some of the tension between the glass panels, headers are used and can help the glass last longer and be safer. If your glass is attached to the wall, you won’t need a header. 


How Do You Clean Frameless Shower Doors? 


There is more than one way to clean your frameless shower doors, but one of the easiest ways is with an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge. Use the rough side of the sponge to remove any stains, residue, hard water, etc. Then use a glass cleaner to wipe everything off for a clear, shiny door. You can also use a squeegee daily to help with maintenance. Want to DIY your cleaner? Mix one part vinegar to three parts water, heat it for one minute, and then spray on your shower door. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. 


What is the Best Glass Thickness for Glass Shower Doors? 


How Do You Clean Frameless Shower Doors? At Giant Glass & Mirror, we recommend a glass thickness of 3/8-1/2” to ensure your shower door is stable and sound. The thicker the glass you choose, the higher the price of your shower door will be. 


Do you have more questions about frameless glass shower doors? Our experts at Giant Glass & Mirror have over 20 years of experience, a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and all the answers when it comes to frameless shower doors. Call us with any questions you have about your next glass shower door and find out why it’s the latest trend in homes everywhere. With a frameless shower door, you can open up your bathroom, create a timeless look that will never go out of style, and maintain it without having to worry about the buildup of mold or mildew. With all the customization choices available at Giant Glass & Mirror, you can make your frameless shower door feel like your own and fit your bathroom perfectly. Get one for every bathroom in your home and watch your home’s value increase. We’ll help you design it, fabricate it ourselves, and then install it with exactness inside your home. Call today for more information. 

How to Decorate Your Yacht

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

How to Decorate Your YachtYachts come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: luxury. You rarely see the elegant beauty of a yacht anywhere other than on the water’s surface, and that’s just the exterior. The interior of your yacht should look how you feel – relaxed, beautiful, and adventurous. It should be your home away from home with an upgrade because after all, you are on vacation. If you own a yacht or a large boat or know someone who does, it’s important to make the space feel meaningful and unique through the way you decorate it. Making it a place of your own will help you look forward to it, use it more often, and be excited to introduce guests to the lap of luxury. Here are some of the reasons for owning a yacht, tips for decorating it, and how to get custom interior glass for your yacht. 


Why You Should Own a Yacht


Many people don’t realize this, but boating can help lengthen your life-span. In today’s busy world where a full schedule is often met with admiration, it’s easy to forget about the strengthening and rejuvenating powers of relaxation. Owning a boat of some kind forces you to take time off, relax on the water, and gain that much-needed perspective of what’s most important in life. That is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of your long life. Every time you go aboard your yacht; you are embarking on an adventure. Getting out of your comfort zone, exploring new places, and doing it all while spending precious time with your family should be reason enough to buy a yacht. Once you’ve decked it out with a beautiful interior design, you and your friends and family will never want to leave. 


How to Decorate Your Yacht


Consider first the kind of look and feel you are going for. Maybe you own a classic yacht that begs for vintage décor or perhaps you want your yacht to feel like an upscale hotel with high-quality furnishings and custom interior mirrors. For yachts, you can truly do anything you want. One of the best ways to make your yacht feel like it’s grander and more spacious than it actually is, is to add luxury glass products. Our professional team at Giant Glass & Mirror can design, fabricate, and install a sliding glass door for your yacht. Additionally, if there’s anything you need on your yacht in the way of glass or mirrors, we can make it. Glass railings for yachts are a great way to add a sparkling look to either the exterior or interior of your boat. Take time in each room and consider how you can make it feel larger and more beautiful. Bathrooms are also a great area to invest money because, after a day on the sea, most people just want to relax and get clean. Consider adding sleek, frameless shower doors to your yacht bathrooms. Once you’ve got a beautiful base, you can add the following finishing touches: 


  • Mood lighting
  • Throw pillows
  • Floor rugs
  • Decorative baskets
  • Meaningful artwork
  • Greenery


Giant Glass & Mirror Yacht Products


While we don’t just work with yachts, we do love any opportunity to do so. There is something so beautiful about a grand yacht sailing into the sunset with the sun reflecting off the glass doors and windows. If you have a vision for your yacht or home, we can help you make it come true with our luxury glass products for yachts that will have your space feeling more like your luxurious home away from home. These products include:


  • Frameless showers: Without a frame, your shower will feel much more open. The glass doors and walls with frameless shower doors are practically invisible, making passengers feel much less cramped than they might otherwise be on a boat. Giant Glass & Mirror Yacht Products


  • Custom interior mirrors and glass: Your yacht walls shouldn’t be empty. Fill your space with light-reflecting mirrors cut to the perfect size for your wall. Our specialty mirrors, glass partitions, glass shelves, and more will make your yacht feel large and impressive. 


  • Laminated glass for interior or exterior: Sea spray, ocean air, storms, and the regular rocking of water can create unsightly wear and tear over time on your yacht. Laminated safety glass will protect you and your boat from getting wet and having to clean up after a big storm. It will also keep you safe, with a special interlayer that holds the glass together in case something causes it to shatter. 


  • Glass for railings: This is a beautiful way to discourage your friends and family from jumping ship and also help them feel a bit safer when looking out to enjoy the ocean views. 


With over 20 years of experience and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we are positive you won’t be disappointed with the work we offer at Giant Glass & Mirror. Call us today to discover how we can help bring your glass and mirror dreams to life with the highest quality glass and mirror products on the market. 

How to Add Texture to Your Home

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

How to Add Texture to Your HomeIf your home feels like it’s missing something but you’re just not sure what that something is,  you probably need more texture. Interior designers use this word a lot, but what all does it actually entail? Texture is anything in your home that adds interest, dimension, or some kind of sensory experience. Having a couch and a chair is practical, but when you add in rugs, a funky lamp, mirrors, artwork, plants, and some throw pillows, your space starts to feel a lot more like home. Depending on the type of style and look you want to achieve in your home, different textures are more appropriate. Texture “…is often defined as, ‘the sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch.’ Basically, how things feel. Think about squishing soft carpet between your toes, running your hand along a rough wooden tabletop, or sinking down into leather couch cushions.” Here are some ways to add more texture to your home so that it can better represent your style.



No matter what the color scheme is of your home, adding in greenery always looks good. Something about green goes with every other color there is and brings a feeling of nature inside. Choose a variety of heights and plant types. If you don’t want to take care of real plants, there are lots of places you can get artificial plants that look real.

No matter what the color scheme is of your home, adding in greenery always looks good


Additionally, pay attention to the texture you’re bringing in through the pots of the plants you’re buying. Bright colored pots, metal, or woven are all great choices, and the one you want for your home just depends on your preference and style. Think about clean lines for a more modern home and woven basket textures for a farmhouse look.




Decorative wall mirrors are an excellent way to maximize the texture in your home. You can add dimension to any room by choosing frames that have detail or color in them. The reflection from your mirror will also make your room appear brighter and more spacious, and it can maximize the texture you’ve created through other elements.  Oversized custom mirrors that lean against the wall, add to your bathroom vanity, or take up an entire wall are great ways to make your space feel unique.




Even though custom beveled mirrors are beautiful and mirrors look great in every room, you don’t want every wall to be a mirror. Mix up the texture on the walls with meaningful artwork. Start an art collection by picking things up from local artists when you travel, having art commissioned of places and people that mean a lot to you and artwork that contains texture. You can intertwine wall hangings, wood sculptures, oil paintings, and photography all within the same home. The most important part about artwork is that it’s on the wall because it means something to you, and it looks beautiful.



Textiles are a great way to bring in both pattern and color.

Textiles are a great way to bring in both pattern and color. Items such as pillows, blankets, curtains, throws, rugs, and fabric of any kind all fall under the textile category. These items carry the most weight in the texture game and can be easily added to a home and switched out with the seasons if need be. If you’re worried about them not lasting a long time, invest in stain-resistant or outdoor-safe fabrics that will withstand wear and tear for years. If your style is more contemporary, stick with geometric shapes. Add in warmth by switching up fabrics in a surprising way. For example, a leather pillow or curtains with pom poms attached.




Table lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, vanity lighting, sconces, and overhead lighting are all great ways to add more texture to your home. Be creative and use lights as a chance not only to add light and warmth to a space but color and softness as well through lamp bases and lampshades. Try to find unique pieces that complement your personal style and home décor. You’ll notice that the more levels of lighting you have in your home, the cozier it will feel.Lighting and custom glass mirrors


Now that you have an idea of how to add more texture in your home, you are ready to make a plan and start implementing it. If you aren’t sure where to find just the right custom mirrors for your home, contact Giant Glass & Mirror for more information. We ship nationwide and offer design services to help you create the perfect custom floor mirror, decorative vanity mirror, and more. Call today and see how you can start using our high-quality glass and mirror products to update and add more texture to your home.

How Strong Are Glass Shelves?

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

How Strong Are Glass Shelves?If you’ve ever hesitated to install glass shelves because you were worried about their durability or breakability, you don’t have to wait any longer with Giant Glass & Mirror. We use tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than regular, or annealed, glass. Tempered glass doesn’t shatter. If it breaks, it breaks into little, relatively harmless fractions. Tempered glass is almost everywhere we look, from windshields and microwaves to shower doors and shelves. Once you read about the glass tempering process and how it can add to the safety of your home, you won’t be worried about adding beautiful glass shelves to your next home décor project.


Tempering Process


Before doing anything to the glass, the manufacturer must cut it to size. If they don’t do this step first and try to change it after the heat treatment process, the glass loses some of its strength or won’t function at all. Once the desired size is cut out, workers check the glass for any flaws that could make the glass break during tempering. They also use sandpaper to smooth any sharp edges off the glass and wash the surface. The heat treatment consists of putting the glass through a tempering oven, which heats the glass to 620 degrees Celsius. Right after the heat treatment, the glass is “quenched,” a high-pressure cooling process that only lasts a few seconds. Quenching cools the glass off with air blasts from all directions.


Mark Ford, fabrication development manager at AFG Industries, Inc., says: “As the center of the glass cools, it tries to pull back from the outer surfaces. As a result, the center remains in tension, and the outer surfaces go into compression, which gives tempered glass its strength.” How Is Tempered Glass Made? – Scientific American. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Regular glass breaks at 6,000 psi, or pounds per square inch while tempered glass can withstand up to 24,000 psi.


Custom Glass Shelves


Custom Glass ShelvesNow you know that glass shelves are perfectly safe for your home as long as you use tempered glass. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we use only the highest quality tempered glass products and are confident that our custom glass shelves will stand the test of time and weight. The process of tempering not only strengthens the glass but perfects it as well. Quality control has to be strict in order for the tempering to be successful. Custom floating glass shelves that can hold heavy items as well as reflect light and create more visual space in your home are one of our favorite things to provide our customers. If you don’t want the floating variety, try using glass shelves for cabinets. This is a great way to create a spacious feeling in a small room or inside your cabinets, so you can see more clearly what you have stocked away. Glass shelves for bar units either in your home or commercial space are also a great way to give any space an updated, luxurious feel. Strong and functional, custom tempered glass shelves can truly add beauty and light to any space.


How to Customize Your Glass Shelves


How to Customize Your Glass ShelvesThe word “custom” might intimidate some homeowners who don’t have a lot of time or a design in mind for their glass shelves. If you feel like you don’t know how to start or what style would look the best in your home, Giant Glass & Mirror can help. Our team of experienced and talented designers will work with you to assess your needs and style. We make sure to measure and install with exactness so that your glass shelves fit your space perfectly. We offer a variety of sizes as well as the option of 3/8” or ¾” thick glass, depending on your personal preference, and can add glass shelves to any room of your home, including bathroom or kitchen cabinets, bar area, living or office space, and more. With over 20 years of experience in the glass and mirror industry, we are confident that you will love your glass shelves, so confident that we offer a satisfaction guarantee which gives our customers peace of mind. Our number one goal is your satisfaction.


If you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to the design of your home, consider using tempered glass shelves. You may be surprised by not only how strong glass shelves are, but how beautiful and functional they can be. Add light, space, dimension, and storage with your custom glass shelves from Giant Glass & Mirror. Contact us today to find out more about pricing and our design services.