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If you own or rent a yacht, you are familiar with the meaning of luxury. Yachts have many benefits, including providing a retreat, somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just enjoy life’s little pleasures. You can sail and enjoy the open sea and air. Do you dream of traveling? No problem. You can go anywhere you want. The experiences and memories yachts provide are priceless. And that’s just standing out on the deck. Think about how the interior of your yacht adds to the whole experience. The inside of your yacht should feel like a luxurious suite, offering you and your guests the feeling of being somewhere special. Three significant ways to maximize the interior spaces of your yacht and ensure it looks and feels the way it should are making sure it is full of high-quality materials, custom made items, and glass and mirror products. We cover these three tips more below and explain why they are necessary and how they can add to the overall experience of your home away from home.


Quality Materials


Make sure to fill your yacht with top-notch materials. Any sign of cheap materials or knock-offs diminishes the luxury feel of a yacht. Top of the line wood like oak and mahogany, combined with high-quality marble for countertops and the strongest tempered glass for yachts gives you a rich, textured look. Any technology on board should be the best brands with the fastest speeds, and as many options as possible. While on your yacht, you and your guests should never have to worry about why something isn’t functioning as it should. The higher quality materials and furniture you install, the more luxurious your yacht will be. Guests will be able to see and feel the difference. Additionally, the more custom you can go, the better.


Everything Custom


Another way to make sure your yacht feels high-end is to customize everything. Customizing your materials, cabinet design, furniture composition, and more, all create a unique look that increases your yacht’s personality and value. Custom interior mirrors for yachts are popular because they aren’t seen anywhere else. You can tailor them to your taste, your favorite place to travel or create a mirror that takes up the entire wall. Places that feel fancy feel that way because they look like they were designed for you specifically, not in a generic way that could accommodate any person off the street. Working with a designer and finding people who understand your vision for your yacht is a smart way to get what you want custom-made. Think curtains, headboard, dining room table, desk design, and more.


Glass Everywhere


Glass is a sign of ultimate luxury. Something about this see-through, yet strong material adds a touch of glam and sophistication to any space. Sliding glass doors for yachts are an excellent way to bring the view of the ocean inside and still protect your interiors from getting wet. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathrooms with frameless shower doors. For yachts, glass adds to the floating palace feel. Placing custom-made mirrors throughout a yacht helps it appear more spacious than it already is, making it feel truly like a mansion on the water. Another benefit of glass is that it adds to the safety of your yacht. Glass railings are a beautiful and unique touch that will keep you safe as well as automatically upgrade your yacht. Additionally, laminated safety glass both inside and outside of the yacht protect against sea spray and storms. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we provide all of the products listed above, plus installation for your yacht.


Giant Glass and Mirror


For over 20 years, we have designed and installed glass and mirror products, using only the best and highest quality materials. Our design team is full of experienced professionals who know how to make any vision come to life. They can take what you already have on your yacht and make it even better. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a gorgeous end result. Since we make the glass products ourselves using the highest quality materials, you can rest assured we will not only design a beautiful product for you but create it as well. This prevents communication errors and allows for proper quality control. We further avoid mistakes by doing the installation ourselves. We make sure that all of our custom glass and mirror products are installed with exactness and care the first time, so you don’t ever have to worry about it again. We love working on yachts in the South Florida area, let us take care of you.