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Privacy is hard to come by these days with phone notifications coming in every 2 minutes, and family members, friends, and co-workers clamoring for your attention. “Buy this, do this, be this!”, the messages from every corner of our lives scream at us. What happened to me-time? Can simply being alone be a recipe for self-care? show that 85% of Americans believe it is important to be able to have time completely alone, away from everyone else. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, everyone wants a few moments a day to themselves. Could the answer be as simple as a few moments alone in your bathtub? Here are some positive outcomes you may experience:


  • Increases Empathy
  • Makes You More Productive
  • Sparks Creativity
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Decreases Bad Behavior in Kids
  • Allows Time for Planning Your Life
  • Helps You Get to Know Yourself Better


If you haven’t recently spent any real time alone, with no one else around, it is probably long overdue. Take the time to silence your cell phone, find a quiet corner and a few moments when you know you won’t be needed and just think. Sit or lay down and allow your mind to wander. Meditate if you want to and relish the silence of complete solitude. It may not last long, but it will benefit you greatly.


The Bathtub: Your Fortress of Solitude


Can’t find a relaxing place to be alone? How about your bathtub? Bathtubs are often a welcoming reprieve from many a hard, long, and loud day. The warm water and sweet smells of soap help you both physically and emotionally. The last thing you should have to think about is your damp, grimy shower curtain before getting in. Many people have frustrations with their shower curtain but don’t know that there is something they can do about it. Getting a door for your shower or tub is possible in almost every bathroom layout and situation. Most bathtub doors are customizable, easy to clean, help keep water out better than shower curtains, and make your bathroom look and feel beautiful.


Types of Bathtub Doors


It’s easy to figure out the kind of door your bathtub needs. Review the available and think about your bathroom. Imagine the kind of door you think would work best and, in most cases, if you can dream it, it can be done. With so many ways to customize frameless tub doors, you can find one that goes seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom.


Frameless Hinged Tub Door


This type of door is exactly as it sounds-two glass panels connected by a hinge, without any frame. The hinge between the glass panels allows for the opening and closing of one of the doors. Hardware options include hinges, door handles, and towel racks.


Frameless Pivot Tub Door


A pivot tub door is similar to a frameless hinged tub door but depending on the pivot hinge applied, has a greater range of motion. Some pivot tub doors can open 180 degrees to either side, allowing you to push or pull the door no matter what side of the tub you are standing on.


Half Glass Shower Door for Bathtubs


Also known as a glass panel or shower shield, half glass shower doors for bathtubs are usually just one section of glass without hinges or door handles. Since this type of door does not enclose your bathtub, it is a great way to block water from getting out of the tub area while maintaining an open look and feel.


Track Shower Door for Tubs


Putting your shower doors on a track is a great look and doesn’t require any hinges. Instead, your doors will move smoothly on a track to open and close. This option is easy to use for kids and adults alike.


Swing Door


Create a French door look with two bathtub doors that swing open, creating a grand entrance every time you feel like taking a soak.


By-pass Sliding Door Unit


This look is created by allowing both doors to move on a track one in front of the other. This way, you can slide either door without having to worry about which way each is going. This type of sliding unit takes up less space than a door that swings open and closed.


There are numerous ways to design your frameless glass doors, whether it is for a bathtub or a shower. With our talented professionals at you can customize your door design, privacy level, glass thickness, hardware finish, and more. We provide glass products and door designs to customers nationwide, along with nationwide shipping. Do yourself a favor; get rid of your shower curtain and create a brand-new look for your bathroom with a frameless tub door by clicking here today.