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When you think about remodeling, do you put it off because you assume you can’t afford it? Remodeling your

bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. When you know where to invest your money and what will make the biggest impact, you can make your bathroom feel completely new without having to rework your budget. The first step is to decide how much you want to spend. Give yourself a small range to work with, so you have a bit of wiggle room. Remember that most remodels take longer than you think they will, so don’t give yourself too small of a timeline either. Now take into account the following updates that will make the most significant impact in your bathroom and decide which is most important to you. Order them from most important to least and then distribute your budget to each item accordingly.


Biggest Impact: Paint


The number one thing anyone can do to update any space is changing the paint color. This always makes the most substantial impact for the smallest price. Think about your space and decide how you want it to feel. If your bathroom is small and you want it to feel bigger, choose a light, airy color to open it up. If you want a bathroom that is fun and unexpected, choose a big, bold wallpaper to cover the upper half of the walls. Paint and wallpaper are generally easy to apply yourself, inexpensive, and something you can change out easily in the future if you need to.


Vanity, Mirror and Fixtures


The next biggest impact on your bathroom is the vanity, mirror, and fixtures. Depending on your budget, you can choose one or all three, but no matter which you choose each one will change your bathroom tremendously. Most bathrooms that need updating are stuck with standardized features that don’t offer any character or personality. Switching your vanity out for an old dresser that you repainted or a pre-made vanity with more storage automatically gives your bathroom new life. Look for inexpensive vanities online or at ReStore. Roam yard sales or ask furniture stores for old dressers that you can use. Then all you need to do is cut a hole for the sink. Next, buy, or custom make a new mirror and add a frame to give your bathroom a beautiful focal point instantly. Sinks, faucets, and other fixtures are inexpensive to switch out, and you can usually find them at any home improvement store. You will notice that even just changing out your fixtures adds value to your bathroom.




Does your shower still have a metal frame around it? It’s time to open up your bathroom and update it with a frameless shower shield. Frameless shower shields are fixed glass shower panels that look stylish and updated, but still block water from reaching the rest of your bathroom floor. Instead of opening and closing a rusty metal framed door, glass shower shields allow you to walk right into your shower. With Giant Glass & Mirror, you can completely customize your shower from glass style and thickness to size and shape. We will install it to exactness so that you will never have to worry about it again.




Changing your hardware is one of the easiest things you can do! This small element may not make a huge impact on your bathroom as a whole, but it is an inexpensive update that puts a finishing touch on your other projects and can help you stay on budget. Just adding shiny new knobs, or unique new hardware from a place you once visited, adds character and personality to your bathroom. Choose something you love and remember that you can always change it back. If you’re renting, hold on to the old hardware and switch it back out before you move out.




Flooring makes a huge impact as well and does not have to be expensive. Consider DIY-ing your floor by painting it using a stencil, adding a waterproof vinyl or laminate that looks real, or if you have a small bathroom, covering up any unattractive flooring with a big, fluffy rug. Changing the floor of your bathroom can be time-consuming, but it will be so worth it. You can make your flooring big, bright, and exciting, or keep it neutral and grounding. Think about your bathroom as a whole and what feeling you want to create, then go from there.




Last but not least, lighting. Lighting makes a huge impact but can be pricey. Try a home improvement store or look online for the most affordable options. Install is often the most expensive part, so see if you can do it yourself. Rather than worry about switching around electrical cords, keep your lighting in the same place and just switch out the style. This will update your bathroom right away and literally brighten it up too.


You can accomplish most of these projects yourself; however, the one element you can’t DIY is installing a frameless shower shield. While it will take a little more out of your budget to hire a professional company to install your new shower shield, this update makes a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. When it comes to your bathroom, you want the best quality products and services, and for this, you should only go to Giant Glass & Mirror. We have over 20 years in the glass industry and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.