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There’s a reason why frameless shower doors have surged in popularity in the last decade and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Some may think that these transparent, clean-lined, glass doors are the epitome of contemporary and modern homes, and while that may be true, glass shower doors are also classic, meaning they can go with any style of home and never look outdated or old fashioned. Because they are so neutral and beautiful, they can adapt to any style you want. Without a frame, these doors are easier to clean and maintain, simple to customize to fit any space and look gorgeous in every home. See how frameless glass shower doors can fit into your favorite style.


Zen Spa


If you want to walk into your bathroom and breathe a sigh of relief, create a Zen experience. You can accomplish this with natural plants and textures like wood and stone. Bring in aromatherapy diffusers to add to the sensory experience. Light colors and an open and bright space will all add to the Zen feeling. Frameless glass shower doors, or even an outdoor shower, can ease your stress and help you relax.




Think clean, straight lines, and neutral colors. To accomplish a more modern design, you can take some risks, but you do have to adhere to a few rules. Keep things simple, lightweight, and streamlined. Frameless glass shower doors are the perfect addition to a modern bathroom because they are minimalistic and classy. Add some modern shower fixtures and hardware, and you’re off to a great start. If you’re willing to take risks, add in a pop of color, a funky light fixture, and some global style artwork.


Rustic Mountain Retreat


When people think mountains, do they only ever think of deer heads and antlers? We hope not. Rustic can definitely include some hunting souvenirs, but it doesn’t have to be all animal fur and log cabin walls. For your rustic mountain retreat bathroom, creating a space that feels relaxing and beautiful without bringing in all of the great outdoors can be a challenge. Incorporate the colors and textures you love about the mountains. Earthy tones, stone tile, and a waterfall faucet are all subtle ways of bringing in the best attributes of a mountainous area. Add on a glass shower panel to not only allow people to see into your beautifully designed shower space but also for the classic detail, it provides.





The industrial style is a bit more masculine, leaning toward raw materials like brick, stone, and metals. Straight lines, lots of texture, and darker colors all contribute to the beauty of an industrial bathroom. Add interest with a custom design on your frameless glass shower panel, as shown here. Because industrial usually equates with minimal, clean, frameless shower doors are the perfect addition.




Speaking of things that never go out of style, the traditional style will always be classic, just like glass shower doors. Traditional usually means more detail, curved lines, classic shapes, and neutral colors. It is safe and comforting with a touch of sophistication. If you want your shower to be as classy as the rest of your bathroom, go with frameless glass shower doors.


Kid’s Bathroom


Do glass shower panels work in kids’ bathrooms too? Yes! Glass tub enclosures and shower panels are an excellent option for kid bathrooms. Not only are they easier to clean and maintain, but they also prevent you from having to deal with shower curtains and water getting all over the bathroom floor. Additionally, it’s easier for kids to get in and out of showers that don’t require any sort of lip or step. With frameless glass shower panels or sliding glass shower doors, you don’t have to worry about any of those things.


As you can see, frameless glass shower doors can literally and figuratively fit into any space and complement it beautifully. They also make any bathroom look and feel larger and increase its overall value. When you work with Giant Glass & Mirror, you have access to our experienced and talented designers who can bring your glass shower vision to life. We have over 20 years of experience designing, creating, and installing the highest quality glass products in a wide variety of homes. With customization options available for everything from glass thickness to hardware color, you can make sure that your new shower door or glass shower panel complements the rest of your bathroom, and your unique style, perfectly.