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Four Additions to Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Four Additions to Make Your Bathroom Feel LuxuriousSome home remodeling experts will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, but many homeowners disagree with this statement. Sure, the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in your home, and it’s often a hot spot for socialization and family bonding. Still, it can’t quite compete with your bathroom.


Take a moment to consider what your bathroom means to your lifestyle:

  • It’s the beginning and endpoint of each day. It sets your mood in the morning and helps you relax when you come home each night.
  • It’s a space where inspiration and deep reflection are possible. How many times have you spent daydreaming in the bath or had one of those ‘eureka’ moments in the shower when you figure out one of life’s big problems? The bathroom is a place of solitude, and it’s where some of your most introspective moments happen.
  • The bathroom also sets the mood of your entire home. The aesthetic is often a baseline for how far you go with other improvements. Because the bathroom is relatively small compared to other living spaces, it’s easy to splurge on luxurious materials.


With all this in mind, can you still say that the kitchen is the most important room in your home?

Creating a functional and comfortable bathroom will inspire, relax, and invigorate you when you need it, and offer a safe and comfortable space where you can escape for a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how your day went.


When planning bathroom improvements, you need to consider them carefully. When you want a makeover that matters, start with these four bathroom remodeling suggestions from our team at Giant Glass & Mirror. From flooring and heating to hydroslide glass doors, these are the improvements that will really make a difference.


The right improvements, won’t just increase comfort in your bathroom; in most cases, bathroom remodels are one of the top home updates that pay off and ensure a complete return on your investment at resale.


1: Add an Elegant Bathroom Vanity


The vanity you choose is equally as important as your shower and tub. A vanity sets the tone of the room, allowing you to base other improvements around its design. A vanity is also functional, giving you and your family what is essentially a work space for personal hygiene and presentation.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your vanity. High-quality materials could see this investment last the lifetime of your home. Engineered wood vanities are long-lasting and stand up to moisture better than natural timber. Composite materials are also popular.


Wall mount vanities create modern beauty, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, go for a freestanding option with decorated legs and cabinets. When you have the space in your bathroom, a dual sink vanity effectively doubles the functionality of the room. In shared family bathrooms, a double sink is essential.


2: Install Underfloor Heating


Even in our Florida climate that is known for being warm, the mornings can get a little too cool and uncomfortable. The perfect answer to this problem is to install underfloor heating.


You don’t truly know luxury in a bathroom until you’ve experienced underfloor heating. The warmth that radiates from tiles or other flooring materials gives you a pleasant feel underfoot, making those colder mornings much more bearable.


Best of all, underfloor heating is relatively affordable, and you can easily get the work done during a larger bathroom remodel. When you’re removing the flooring anyway, adding some heating mats is not a big deal.


3: Upgrade with Hydroslide Doors for Your Tub and Shower


Like your vanity, shower and tub enclosures set the tone in your bathroom, either improving or detracting from the aesthetic, depending on the choices you make.Upgrade with Hydroslide Doors for Your Tub and Shower


When you’re aiming for luxury, glass is the only material in contention. Glass works with any décor style, provides a high-end look and feel, and is easy to maintain. Glass can even improve the sense of space in your bathroom when compared to solid shower and tub enclosures.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we recommend hydroslide doors for an unmistakable touch of class and distinction. You will enjoy the practicality, smooth operation, and minimalist aesthetic of the sliding mechanism. We customize hydroslide shower enclosures and tub enclosures for every project, so you can order something that perfectly suits your bathroom, without compromises.


4: Spend More for Better Hardware


High-quality bathroom hardware comes at a premium over budget-priced alternatives, but the difference is not so extreme that it will blow your remodeling budget. Spending more for quality stainless steel, brass, or even gold-plated hardware will add elegance to your bathroom that you will appreciate every day. Cabinets and drawers will feel better when you open them, as will your hydroslide shower enclosure or tub door.


Don’t just stop at pulls and handles. Use better quality hardware for towel rails, metal shelves, soap dispensers, clothes hooks, and toilet roll holders, etc.


A Beautiful Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home


Experts understand that the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that really sell homes, and renovating these spaces adds value at resale. You have nothing to lose when making luxurious choices for your bathroom remodel can make you feel more comfortable in your home today, and help you sell it in the future.


Giant Glass & Mirror is a premium glass product designer and manufacturer based in South Florida. We create beautiful shower and bath enclosures using the practical and extremely elegant hydroslide doors system. We can also fabricate glass partitions, custom beveled mirrors, and even glass shelves to improve your bathroom or any other space in your home.


Strike one thing off your to-do list by contacting the best hydroslide shower enclosure company in Florida. Custom enclosures and effortless sliding doors will help you build the luxurious bathroom you deserve.

Custom Glass Design for Yachts that Stand Out

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Custom Glass Design for Yachts that Stand OutTime out on the water is inseparable from the Florida lifestyle. As a yacht owner, you know firsthand how liberating it can be to head out into the blue waters of the Atlantic, the Florida Keys, or even further down into the warm and ever-lively Caribbean.


Your yacht is a point of pride. When you’ve got so much money and a significant part of your personality tied up in a single investment, it only makes sense that you would insist on the best for repairs, renovations, or complete remodeling.


Giant Glass & Mirror offers custom glass design for yachts, with products that range from marine shower enclosures to luxury glass railings. If you want your vessel to stand out at the next boat show, or when you simply want the enjoyment that comes from quality fittings and glass fixtures, we can help.


Glass is the Ideal Material for a Yacht


Your yacht is a symbol of luxury and success, and it deserves the best materials that you can put in it.


Glass is one of the most durable interior materials available today. It resists staining and scratching, it requires very little maintenance, and it looks beautiful in the right applications. Whether you are remodeling the bathrooms on your yacht or if you need custom solutions for replacement windows, the quality of the glass that you choose is important.


The use of glass on super yachts is more prevalent today than at any other point in history. It’s considered by many to be the ideal material to showcase the true beauty of any yacht.


On the water, glass undergoes more stress than on land. The constant movement created tension on the frames and hardware. Exterior windows are exposed to sea spray, rain, and debris. All these elements mean that everything on your yacht needs to perform to a high level to provide a long return on your investment. Your interior glass installations and windows are no exception.


Giant Glass & Mirror has over two decades of experience in glass design and fabrication. We create application-specific solutions, so you don’t need to question whether you’re making the right investment.


Our tempered glass manufacturing techniques result in high-quality options for bathroom finishing and remodeling. For windows and other external features on your yacht, we use double-pane safety glass to ensure durability in all conditions.


Custom Glass Design for Yachts


To get an idea of how we can help on your next project, consider all the products that we offer, including exterior and custom interior glass for yachts.

  • We are glass mirror experts, creating bespoke designs that will elevate any space. Whether it’s your primary living quarters, master bed, or your yacht bathrooms, we provide solutions that will improve the aesthetic while providing years of durability. Options like beveled mirror edges give you a clean frameless design for a modern luxury yacht.
    Custom Glass Design for Yachts
  • We custom fabricate marine shower enclosures to increase the sense of space in your yacht. Glass is an excellent material for yacht bathrooms because it doesn’t break your line of sight when stepping into the room. With glass you get an unobstructed view from door to wall, making the space feel larger and more inviting. If your yacht bathroom feels cramped, a custom frameless glass enclosure can provide the feel of luxury that you’re looking for.
  • We also offer custom yacht sliding doors for sale. While glass looks impressive, it also works as a safety feature, offering you complete visibility at all times. Just like our windows, we create our door glass with safety and structural stability in mind. Talk to Giant Glass & Mirror today to find out how quality glass installations could improve the aesthetic of your yacht.
  • As mentioned previously, our windows, made with high-quality glass for yachts, offer long lifetime and protection from the elements. We can even tint our glass for privacy and protection from harmful UV light. Insulative properties will keep your yacht interiors cool and comfortable at any time of year.
  • Glass railings for yachts add an extra touch of class and elegance. When you are retrofitting in an older yacht you can completely transform the aesthetic to bring your pride and joy into the modern era. For new construction or remodeling, Giant Glass & Mirror has you fully covered.


Choose an Industry Leader – Your Yacht Deserves It!


With our custom glass design for yachts service, you can create unique additions that will make your craft stand out. Take pride in your yacht and the success that you’ve achieved in life. Whether you use your yacht for personal adventures or commercial services, our custom glass products will bring stunning beauty that gives you new enthusiasm for life on the water.


Contact Giant Glass & Mirror today to order high-quality glass for yachts. We will work closely with you to create designs that reflect your own sense of style. Exacting measurements and manufacturing standards ensure the perfect fit and a good return on your investment.

Choosing Glass Table Tops to Bring Beauty to Any Home or Office

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Choosing Glass Table Tops to Bring Beauty to Any Home or OfficeGlass is one of the most elegant materials you can use for home or office décor. It’s timeless enough to be transitional or traditional, and it also works well to bring a modern touch to your living and work spaces.


When you need to improve your décor or are planning an entirely new design concept, Giant Glass & Mirror can help. Discover how our custom glass table tops can elevate any interior.


Unique Benefits That Glass Table Tops Provide


Glass comes with unique benefits that traditional wooden table tops can’t compete with. From durability to versatility, these are the benefits that you will enjoy when choosing custom glass table tops from Giant Glass & Mirror.


  • Glass can be used to transform an old table into something new and exciting. Rather than resurfacing an old wooden table, consider using glass instead. You can even install a glass table top on a traditional steel or wrought iron frame to create a beautiful transitional look.
  • You’ll find glass to be incredibly easy to care for. It’s hard-wearing and resists scratching and scuffs. A simple wipe down is all you need to keep your home or office table looking great. Glass will even withstand impact damage, and the amount of weight tempered glass can hold is truly impressive at four to seven times stronger than standard glass.
  • Because of the inherent strength of glass, it’s even the ideal material for displays and tables that hold ornaments, lamps, and electronics. A glass computer or drawing table is the perfect addition to your commercial space or home office. The versatility of glass makes it a clear winner.
  • Glass protects the material underneath, so you can still enjoy the aesthetic of natural timber when installing a glass top. If you have an antique dining table, or even an ornate desk, a custom glass table top is an ideal solution that allows you to maintain the look without sacrificing durability.
  • If you love designer table bases and want to reveal their full beauty, a glass top is a great investment. Transparent glass will highlight any unique table base.
  • That same transparency also highlights unique flooring materials and rugs.
  • Glass can improve the sense of space in any room. A solid table breaks your line of sight and makes a room feel cramped. Glass is the best material for open-plan spaces.
  • When you use glass extensively throughout your interior design, such as on internal partitions and floor to ceiling windows, a glass table top perfectly complements the space.


We’ve touched on some of the most important benefits for homeowners and business owners. You’ll also be pleased to learn that custom glass table tops are available in a range of colors, thicknesses, and shapes when you order from local experts.


Customize for Your Needs with a Local Glass Table Top Supplier


You’ll need to work with a local designer and manufacturer if you want to enjoy all the inherent benefits of glass. A specialist team can engineer glass table tops that perfectly suit your application and your existing décor. While clear table tops might be the first thing to pop into your mind when you think about glass, there are more customization options available when you work with our team at Giant Glass & Mirror.


  • Customize for Your Needs with a Local Glass Table Top SupplierShape and Size: This is important. When you purchase glass table tops from a big box store you will end up with pieces that conform to industry standards. These might be OK for the ordinary home or office space, but what if you want something completely bespoke? Especially if you have designer tables in your home, standard sizing won’t work.
    • We can fabricate glass in any shape or size, to a thickness that works for you. You can use low profile tempered glass table tops to protect a wood table, while thicker glass is better for tables where the top won’t have anything but the frame and base underneath it.
  • Color: You can also customize your colors to get the perfect match or contrast for your décor.
    • Tinted glass is ideal for office spaces or minimalistic homes. If you use a bold black and white design in your kitchen, tinted grey or black glass might be the ideal solution for your dining room table. Dark-tinted glass is also great for computer and office tables where you want to partially obscure the underside.
    • Frosted glass also is an excellent choice for interior décor, or even for a table top used for outdoor entertaining. Other options include bronze, gray, blue, and green, allowing you to bring a unique look to any space.


Choose the Best Glass Table Top Manufacturer in Florida


Our team at Giant Glass & Mirror is ready to make your custom glass table top concept a reality. With two decades of experience in the industry, we can design and manufacture a solution that beautifies your home, office, or any space where you need a table top that stands out.


Contact us today for affordable custom glass table tops that bring out the true beauty in any space.

Get Inspired with 7 Custom Mirror Ideas

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Get Inspired with 7 Custom Mirror IdeasMirrors are an essential decorating element in any modern, traditional, or transitional home. They help to open space while also providing a practical function. When your walls feel bare or uninteresting, custom decorative wall mirrors are exactly what you need.


A little inspiration goes a long way when it comes to your home décor. At Giant Glass & Mirror we create life-lasting custom mirrors for every room in your home. When you’re looking for creative ways to use mirrors, these seven ideas will help you to add style, function, and beauty to any room.


7 Ways Custom Mirrors Can Beautify Your Home


No design element in your home should be an afterthought. Make your custom mirrors an integral part of your décor with these seven unique ideas.


1. Create Depth and Dimension with Custom Mirrors over Wainscoting


Wainscoting is a beautiful wall finishing style that can add depth and drama to any room. This style is popular in traditional homes, as well as in transitional homes where ideas from different periods are combined.


You can add even more depth to wainscoting by installing hanging framed mirrors. This will bring out the unique aesthetic of the wall while reflecting other features in the room. You will also get similarly impressive results over textured walls and wood panels.


2. Create Contrast with a Black Mirror Frame on a White Bathroom Wall


If your bathroom feels a little too pristine and conservative in its design approach, you can benefit from installing a custom mirror in a dark frame, on a pure white wall. The contrast will create depth in your bathroom and an eye-catching detail you will appreciate every day.


3. A Floor to Ceiling Mirror Can Create a Sense of Space in Your Dining Room


Your dining room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where the family comes together at the beginning and end of each day. It’s a place for conversations, the formation of strong bonds, and lasting memories.


While large mirrors are currently trending in dining rooms, you can take this trend a step further by installing a floor to ceiling mirror on a feature wall. This will create a lively atmosphere that feels larger and more open. You can even have a custom beveled mirror made to take the design to the next level.


4. Tone Match Your Custom Mirror to Your Bathroom Vanity


Get Inspired with 7 Custom Mirror Ideas

Previously, we suggested using contrasting custom mirrors to bring a unique element to your bathroom wall. However, you can also go in the complete opposite direction and choose a matching mirror with a frame made from the same material as your bathroom vanity. This creates a sense of order and planning in your bathroom, which is a subtle way to make the space feel tidier and more organized.


Of course, choosing a matching frame instead of a contrasting one also looks great, and it’s an impressive way to get the best out of the design choices you’ve already made in your bathroom.


5. Reflect Your Window View with Large Custom Mirrors


Interior designers use mirrors to increase the sense of space in home décor. To get the best results, you need to think about the view that you are reflecting. In your dining room, living room, or any other large open space, you should use mirrors to reflect the view from windows. This makes a room feel twice its size by offering a sense of space, even when you are faced away from windows.

Oversized mirrors work best for this, so make sure you invest in large custom mirror designs from Giant Glass & Mirror.


6. Use Custom Beveled Mirrors for Plain Walls


If you aren’t familiar with beveled mirrors, you’re in for a treat. Custom beveled mirrors have their sides cut at sloping angles to create the impression of a framed edge, even on a frameless mirror. This can give you more versatility in terms of design and aesthetic. Beveled edges also create more light refraction, making for a unique environment in any room.


Try using a full wall beveled mirror in living spaces, a bedroom, or even your bathroom.


7. Use Metallic Frames to Brighten Bedrooms and Living Spaces


Some homeowners have difficulty using mirrors in dark spaces where the walls are finished in black and tones of grey. While dark interiors are incredibly popular today, they can be problematic when it comes to lighting. Mirrors work with the light and surfaces around them, which often causes them to lose impact when installed in a dark room.


To overcome this, try using a contrasting or metallic frame around a custom mirror. This will create a sense of mystery around the mirror and make for a great showpiece.


Get Custom Mirrors That Bring Out the Best in Your Home


Get Inspired with 7 Custom Mirror IdeasEven with the best ideas, you need a custom mirrors manufacturer that can create pieces that will last you a lifetime. When you’re in South Florida, Giant Glass & Mirror is the company to call for affordable, bespoke mirror designs.


Plan your interior without limitations when you work with the best team in the industry. Talk to us today, and we’ll design mirrors that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Improving Visual Merchandising with Glass Shelves

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Improving Visual Merchandising with Glass ShelvesIn the retail world, perception is reality. The better you can present your products to your market, the more likely you will be to close sales and drive repeat business.


Within your store or showroom, presentation should be a primary focus. When you aren’t getting the right first impression across, your customers will simply head to the competition, no matter how great your products or customer service skills are.


With this in mind, it makes sense that you should focus on display installations whenever you have a budget for improvement. Glass shelves from Giant Glass & Mirror are the perfect solution for your business display needs.


Learn the advantages of custom tempered glass shelves and why visual merchandising is so important today.


Visual Merchandising is Key in the Retail Industry


Whether you sell video game consoles or designer sunglasses, the retail experience is always a visual one. Stores are facing more retail challenges, and one of the biggest problems facing brick-and-mortar stores is increased competition from eCommerce sites like Amazon, so you need to be proactive in gaining any competitive advantage.


Many businesses have taken to an omnichannel approach, including an eCommerce element in their sales model. While this will help to take back some of the business that has moved online, it’s still not quite enough to remain competitive.


Many shoppers still prefer local stores for the improved experience. Real staff, the ability to see and feel products, and an instant transaction are all compelling. Of course, these shoppers will resort to online sales if you can’t provide the right in-store experience. The way you display your products is crucial to your success.


There are three important elements that make glass shelves so essential in visual merchandising and the purchasing decision:

  • Reach is significantly improved. A product on a store shelf is within physical reach of any customer that enters your door. They will be able to see products firsthand, helping them to make a purchasing decision. There’s a reason that big box and boutique stores are still thriving in many cities – it’s the personal experience with physical products that can be seen and felt.
  • Impulse buying becomes a factor. High quality, attractive glass shelves can facilitate impulse buying or simply bridge the gap between desire and purchase. You may have engaged with your market on social media or other online platforms. Now a customer is standing in your store with the intent to buy. Seeing a product on the shelf is the final step. Having an attractive display will be the critical element that compels the shopper.
  • It’s the final opportunity to make the sale. All the effort that goes into networking and marketing is worthless until you complete a transaction. Just as a physical shelf is the last step for a customer, it’s also your last chance to make a conversion. Why leave the opportunity in the air with unattractive metal or even plastic shelves that don’t create that much-needed final push?


Sales executives understand the important role of retail displays in visual merchandising. Take a page from the strategy book of the most successful business owners by upgrading with custom tempered glass shelves today.


The Practical Benefits of Glass Shelves for Retail


We’ve touched on some of the psychology of visual merchandising and purchasing decisions; however, there are also practical benefits that come from investing in glass shelves from Giant Glass & Mirror.Custom Glass Shelves

  • Floating glass shelves have a minimal footprint, bringing the focus to products on display. Your retail space will look cleaner and more attractive.
  • Custom tempered glass shelves are durable. They resist scratching and damage from impacts. An investment in glass display shelves today will continue to pay off for years or decades to come. They’ll never look dated or worn when properly cared for.
  • Glass shelves are versatile, due to their strength and extensive customization options. You can display electronics, books and digital media cases, food products, liquor, or anything that you sell. Glass shelves are suitable for anything but the largest and heaviest items. They work particularly well for high end, high price, and boutique products.
  • Because glass shelves are transparent, they allow more light through to products underneath. This can increase the sense of space and reduce your display-lighting needs.
  • You can mount shelves to walls or directly within display cabinets.


With so many practical benefits and improvements in visual merchandising, there’s no good reason not to consider glass shelves for your store upgrade.


Work with an Industry Leader and Get the Best Glass Shelves for Retail


To get the most out of your investment in glass shelves, you need to work with a company that can deliver industry-leading products that are made to last.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we can help you reach your full potential with custom glass shelves for retail. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and offer extensive options in size, thickness, and material design.


Enjoy the benefits of improved visual merchandising. Talk to our team today to design your commercial glass shelves in South Florida.

Create Brighter and More Productive Spaces with Glass Partitions

Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Create Brighter and More Productive Spaces with Glass PartitionsModern offices have evolved significantly in the last twenty years. Gone are the days of isolated, cramped cubicles and intimidating executive offices. Modern commercial spaces are all about openness, collaboration, and increased productivity.


When you are designing a new commercial office space or upgrading the office you’re already using; glass partitions are the key to a successful project.


Glass partition wall designs come with many benefits, ranging from improved lighting to better connections between staff. Here are all the ways you can improve your commercial space with the help of Giant Glass & Mirror.


What are the Advantages of Choosing Glass Partition Walls?


Whether you choose framed or frameless mounted glass partition walls, you will enjoy the flexibility of a modular office that can change or evolve with your needs over time. This is one of the most significant benefits for business owners and property managers as you can invest in an installation today, and then completely change up your commercial space when the need arises.

Glass partitions are relatively affordable when considering the price of complete remodeling with solid walls in an office. If you choose to go the traditional route with timber frame and drywall installation, your investment will only last as long as your layout suits your needs. Instead of leaving yourself at risk of an extensive remodeling project in the future, invest in glass panel partitions today and enjoy their flexibility for the lifetime of your office.


There are even advantages in terms of productivity and general environment. All of which are compelling for the modern business owner.

  • Glass partitions create a sense of openness in an office and lead to a higher degree of comfort for staff members and visitors on-site, which helps to improve collaboration and team spirit.
  • Glass allows more light to enter your office from outside-facing walls. This light will disperse throughout the entire space when you choose clear partitions. Natural light in the office boosts health and improves your mood. You can even cut down on artificial lighting costs during the daytime.
  • Manufacturing and installation lead times are much faster when compared to traditional solid-wall remodeling. This reduces disruption when it’s time to upgrade your commercial space.
  • Glass panels simply look more impressive. The high-end aesthetic gives staff a sense of pride, and the first impression on visitors and clients could lead to successful business deals and an improved bottom line.


Are There Downsides That You Need to Be Aware Of?


With all the advantages, it’s hard not to think that glass partition walls are the ideal solution for any modern office. While this is true, there are still some things to consider.

  • Glass partitions can reduce privacy, so you’ll need to design creatively with the purpose of each space in mind.
  • Some staff, particularly those with introverted personalities, can feel exposed when working in an open plan or glass office.
  • Some glass panels will not insulate as well as other materials, so noise pollution can be a problem if you don’t work with the right manufacturer.


However, you can overcome these potential downsides. With extensive glass office partition customization options at Giant Glass & Mirror, you’ll be able to address all your concerns.


How We Overcome the Downsides of Glass Partition Walls


Our team at Giant Glass & Mirror has more than two decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing glass partitions in South Florida. Through innovation, we can address any concerns you might have when incorporating more glass into your office space.

  • We address privacy concerns with semi-transparent glass. This allows ample light flow without making staff feel like they are exposed. You can also use privacy glass for board and conference rooms, executive offices, or anywhere else that privacy is needed.
  • Sound issues are solvable with acoustically efficient soundproof glass. While soundproofing is a science and not even glass can be completely soundproof, this can significantly reduce noise keeping your office environment comfortable and free of distractions.
  • You may even have design concerns when working with glass. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to install in odd spaces, around corners, and even use glass for complex geometry such as curved rooms.Enjoy Outstanding Customer Service from a Glass Partition Leader


Glass truly is one of the most versatile construction materials on the market today.


Enjoy Outstanding Customer Service from a Glass Partition Leader


Our experience allows us to deliver the best quality glass partition walls for commercial installation. Customization options mean that you can find the perfect match for your office environment, without compromises.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we proudly serve South Florida businesses to create unique office spaces that are more comfortable, beautiful, and productive. Enjoy the benefits of glass in your commercial space. Talk to a team of experts to design your commercial glass partition walls today.

Five Advantages of Choosing Glass Shower Shields for Your Bathroom

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Five Advantages of Choosing Glass Shower Shields for Your BathroomMany people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. But, when you think about it, your bathroom is actually more deserving of the title.


You begin each day in your bathroom, refreshing yourself and preparing for the challenges ahead. When you come home, there’s nothing better than clearing your head in a hot shower or bathtub before unwinding for the evening.


Because your bathroom is so important, it’s critical to make the right decisions when remodeling or building a new home. Your bathroom should be comfortable, convenient, easy to maintain, and beautiful.


One critical element of your design is your shower enclosure. Glass shower shields can protect your bathroom floor and add beauty and sophistication. Here are all the advantages of choosing custom glass shields from Giant Glass & Mirror.


1. Durability and a Watertight Seal


Frameless glass shower shields are known throughout the remodeling and new home building industry for their durability. Heavy-duty tempered glass can last for the lifetime of your home, without scratches, discoloration, or cracks. Compared to the low-quality framed glass doors of the past, frameless options are a breath of fresh air.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we use precision engineering techniques to ensure that your shower enclosure has a watertight seal, which stops any liquid from making its way out and onto your bathroom floor. Your bathroom will be safer and much easier to maintain.


2. Low Maintenance Requirements


Speaking of maintenance requirements, you can truly cut down on your upkeep by choosing a glass shower splash guard. When you think of everything that you need to do to keep your bathroom clean, any improvement that reduces maintenance is worth the money spent.


Without frames, it is easier to keep your shower shields and doors clean throughout the lifetime of your home. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and the accumulation of grime and debris around a metal frame.


When you want a bathroom that you can simply enjoy without having to clean every day, fixed glass shower panels and splash guards make a lot of sense.


3. Healthier and More Hygienic


The topics of durability and maintenance lead right into the fact that choosing glass shower shields makes for a healthier and more hygienic bathroom.


When grime and soap scum collect around a metal frame, bacteria start to multiply. You can even run into problems with mold and mildew. By going frameless, you’ll eliminate this problem, keeping your whole bathroom healthier for you and your family.


You should never minimize the effects a dirty bathroom can have on your health as there are countless risks, including staph infections, strep throat, viruses, and toxic mold. Make your life easier, protect your family from a serious illness, and enjoy complete peace of mind by choosing shower doors and shields that reduce the risk of contamination.


4. A Clear Line of Sight Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger


While glass can create a safe enclosure around your shower installation, it won’t break your line of sight, which makes your bathroom feel larger and more open. You’ll ultimately feel more comfortable in a room that is spacious, bright, and airy.


Glass works well in large bathrooms, but you can also strategically use it in smaller bathrooms. Think of how a simple shower curtain can make a bathroom feel cramped and dingy. Glass shower shields and doors have the complete opposite effect.


Whether you want a small bathroom to feel big, or you simply want to reduce visual obstacles as much as possible, going with a touch of custom glass in your bathroom is the perfect solution.


5. Extensive Customization Options When Choosing Glass Shower Shields


Shower guard in your Florida home

Off the shelf framed glass doors and shields are often designed for standard ‘contractor’ measurements. However, you don’t want your home to feel like just another house on the block. Get extensive customization options when you choose fixed glass shower panels and shields from Giant Glass & Mirror.


From design to installation, your bathroom can be truly one of a kind, without compromises.


Where to Find the Best Glass Shower Shields in Broward County


Not all glass shower doors and frameless shower shields are created equal. The process of making tempered glass can create an incredibly strong and resilient product good for decades of use, but you need to choose the right company to ensure that you get a long return on your investment.

Giant Glass & Mirror designs, fabricates and installs the best glass shower shields and doors in Broward County, and we’ve been doing so for over 20 years. We’re a local business that is committed to the community, and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Talk to us today, and we’ll prepare an itemized estimate so that you can move ahead with your new build or bathroom remodeling project.

Framed vs. Frameless Tub Enclosures for Your Remodel

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Framed vs. Frameless Tub Enclosures for Your RemodelThe bathroom is where you begin and end each day, and it should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It can become your own private retreat where you can refresh, revamp, and feel completely at ease.


It’s no surprise that the bathroom is a major area of focus for home remodeling and renovation. Homeowners spend thousands on achieving the perfect bathroom aesthetic with all the features that make daily life easier and more convenient.


When it’s time to redesign your bathroom, you will find exclusive frameless tub enclosures at Giant Glass & Mirror. However, you can start by comparing the advantages of framed and frameless tub enclosures, which will help you to make the right decision for one of your most prominent bathroom features.


Invest in Standout Bathroom Features


Tub enclosures play a critical role in your bathroom. They serve a functional purpose by keeping water contained within your bath, and off your designer floor. At the same time, the right enclosure adds lasting beauty and appeal.


There are several different types of shower door designs available, ranging from simple vinyl curtains to exquisite frameless pivot tub doors. Glass is the most popular material used today, and there have been significant design innovations in recent years.


When you are considering a new tub enclosure, you’ll eventually need to decide between framed and frameless glass designs. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but only one comes out on top.


Our team here at Giant Glass & Mirror can tell you right now that frameless tub enclosures are far more beautiful and practical than their framed counterparts. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain why.


Framed Tub Enclosures – Pros & Cons


Framed glass enclosures allow for a near-seamless tub with large panels of clear tempered or textured glass. Frames can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, or even premium materials like bronze and gold.


The advantages of framed enclosures made a lot of sense twenty years ago, and some homeowners still consider them today. They include:

  • Make a small bath look larger with a (mostly) unobstructed view of your bathtub
  • The ability to match the frame with bathroom hardware materials
  • Practical protection to keep water within the bathtub, resulting in less cleaning and maintenance compared to a standard shower curtain
  • Compatibility with seals and sweeps to create a watertight enclosure


Custom designed frameless shower doors

With all the benefits, it’s not hard to understand why framed tub enclosures were so popular in the past. However, they’re not perfect. Some of the downsides faced by homeowners include:

  • Accumulation of soap scum and mildew around framed edges
  • Lack of a seamless appearance often desired in modern homes
  • Potential for injury on sharp frames
  • Risk of corrosion and deterioration of hardware, forcing homeowners to perform regular bathroom maintenance


Framed enclosures come close to being perfect, but they still lack in some key areas. Frameless tub enclosures address these shortcomings for an overall superior solution.


Frameless Tub Enclosures – Pros & Cons


With frameless tub enclosures, you will enjoy a seamless and ultra-modern aesthetic with no sign of framing, and no risk of extensive corrosion or deterioration. Frameless doors and panels consist of heavy-duty tempered glass supported by pivoting or sliding joints.

The advantages of going frameless include:

  • A cleaner aesthetic more suited to modern bathroom remodeling
  • Increased safety thanks to tougher glass without metal frames and sharp edges
  • Options for privacy frosting or fully transparent panels
  • A fully-sealed bathtub environment that reduces bathroom cleaning needs
  • Fewer metal parts that eliminate corrosion problems
  • Without frames and the crevices around them, mildew and soap scum issues won’t develop over time


Are there downsides to frameless glass? The short answer is no; however, it’s important to note that frameless bathtub doors and panels are costlier than framed equivalents. However, the price difference isn’t extreme, and your return on investment works out to be high over the lifetime of your home. Ultimately, you will pay slightly more for a bathroom that is more beautiful and easier to maintain, but most homeowners are willing to make the trade off.


Design a Better Bathroom with the Help of Bathtub Door Experts


Frameless tub enclosures are simply more beautiful and more convenient than their framed counterparts. When you want a gorgeous bathroom that really stands out, frameless is the only way to go.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we produce the highest quality custom frameless tub enclosures. Whether you need a trackless shower door for tubs or even a half glass shower door, our engineers will design a solution that fits your budget and aesthetic requirements.


Glass is an eco-friendly material, and it can elevate the appearance of your bathroom, giving you real pride in your home. You’ll feel better every morning when you get ready for work, and every evening when you come home to unwind and relax.


Talk to us today, explore your options, and look forward to a beautiful modern bathtub enclosure that is a breeze to maintain.

The Benefits of Choosing the Best Frameless Shower Doors

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

The Benefits of Choosing the Best Frameless Shower DoorsWhether you are renovating or building a new home, a frameless glass shower door offers significant benefits. From improving beauty to increasing functionality, you can create a modern bathroom that will provide joy and convenience every day.


Second only to your kitchen, your bathroom can add long term value to your home. Any improvements you make are an investment for the future.


Find out how frameless shower doors can elevate your bathroom and get tips for choosing the best doors for your project below.


Enjoy All the Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors


From customization to high-end style, you’ll enjoy great benefits when you choose glass as a primary material in your bathroom. Here are all the ways that frameless shower doors benefit you and your family.


  • Total Customization: You can custom fabricate glass shower doors and panels to fit the layout and design of your bathroom. Our professional and experienced team take exacting measurements, so the size and shape of your new shower door will fit right down to the millimeter on every side and corner. This level of customization ensures that you get the best fit with a premium look and feel.The Benefits of Choosing the Best Frameless Shower Doors
  • Increase the Value of Your Home: A beautiful and functional bathroom significantly improves the value of your home. Most homebuyers prefer low maintenance materials like glass, which makes custom glass doors beneficial if you choose to sell in the future.

  • Improved Sense of Space: Modern bathrooms are light, bright, and airy. By using glass, you reduce dead surfaces and increase the perception of space in the room.

  • Easy Maintenance: Glass is one of the easiest materials to maintain, and it retains its luster for years without requiring any special maintenance. Additionally, the lack of grooves and imperfections on the surface of glass prevents grime buildup. When you want a bathroom that is both beautiful and low on upkeep requirements, glass should be the material at the top of your list.

  • Modern Style: Framed glass shower doors look dated in modern bathrooms and tend to collect grime and debris within just a few short months of usage. When you want a modern bathroom in your home that you can look at with pride, frameless glass shower doors are the obvious choice.

  • Resilience to Moisture: Framed doors corrode and rust within a few short months or years of ownership. The result is ugly to look at and difficult to remedy. However, glass is the perfect solution to treat and beat condensation in the bathroom. Additionally, without problematic metal frames, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and discoloration that can come from moisture run-off.

  • Safe to Use and Environmentally Friendly: Compared to other common materials used today, glass is considered eco-friendly. It is long-lasting, chemically stable, and sourced from abundant natural resources. The energy used to create glass shower doors is balanced out over the lifetime of ownership, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your bathroom has a low carbon footprint.


What to Look for in Frameless Glass Shower Panels and Doors


As with any area of home improvement, the quality of frameless glass shower doors and panels can vary. You need to find a designer and manufacturer that satisfies all your demands for quality and aesthetic.

  • Aesthetic and Quality: Not all frameless glass shower doors are created equal. Look for high-quality glass products from a trusted local manufacturer, that are tempered and chemically treated to prevent fogging and moisture buildup. Overall quality is evident from the moment you see or touch glass. It should be transparent with no signs of visual distortion when looking through it from different positions and angles.What to Look for in Frameless Glass Shower Panels and Doors
  • Budget: Consider your budget when buying frameless doors for your shower. While glass is a premium material, you will enjoy reasonable prices when dealing with a fully integrated design, fabrication, and installation company.

  • Flexibility: Buying off-the-shelf glass doors means you must conform to standard measurements and shapes. However, when you want a truly custom bathroom, always insist on a company that designs and builds their shower doors and panels in-house. You should have the freedom to design your bathroom without compromises.

  • Customer Feedback: Feedback and testimonials are important. Look for local reviews and ask to see examples of previous projects when you are considering a frameless shower door installation company. This will give you peace of mind as you move ahead with your own bathroom renovation or remodeling.

  • Measure: Take all measurements before you start looking for a glass supplier. This allows you to get a ballpark figure regarding sizing and price. Don’t worry; the best companies will follow up with their own teams to ensure that you get the perfect fit.


Looking for High-Quality Frameless Shower Doors in Florida?


Are you ready to move ahead with beautiful custom glass doors for your bathroom? Giant Glass & Mirror is here to help. We build custom frameless shower doors, glass panels, and mirrors for beautiful modern bathrooms. Our extensive design options allow you to create the bathroom of your dreams without any limitations.


Enjoy friendly customer service, the highest quality glass and hardware, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to plan a new and better bathroom with the beauty of glass.

The Benefits of Floating Glass Shelves

Saturday, August 31st, 2019

The Benefits of Floating Glass ShelvesWhether you are redecorating or just looking for a new display method, the benefits of floating shelves in your home or office are numerous. Compared to standard wood shelves, glass shelves are a beautiful and versatile option. Not only do they update a space and add interest and beauty, but they also provide extra storage without taking up a lot of space. Floating glass shelves add elegance to any space because of their clean lines and minimalistic appearance. You can display photos, meaningful collectibles, dishes, or glassware. Because glass is transparent, light passes through it, which helps brighten your home, especially if you have dark wood elsewhere in the room. Our professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror 

create custom tempered glass shelves that are strong and safe in any space you choose to use them in. Read on to learn how to decorate with glass shelves and customize them for your specific needs. 


How to Decorate with Glass Shelves


One of the interior design issues people run into the most today is combining their desire for big wide-open layouts with all of the things that they love to buy.  If you don’t want everything you own sitting on the floor, you’ve got to come up with a better solution. The best answer to this problem is more storage, and decorating with glass shelves can help. Consider using glass shelves instead of kitchen cabinets so that your kitchen feels bright and open or adding them to a separate bar area to enhance the atmosphere and create a fun gathering place. Glass shelves also look great in an office. Break up artwork and mirrors with glass shelves that display trophies, framed degrees, or books. Another fabulous place to use glass shelves is in a bathroom. Wherever there is empty wall space, consider placing floating glass shelves instead and storing extra toilet paper or towels there. Don’t have room for your big wall unit? Use glass shelves around your TV instead for an updated space that adds interest and storage but isn’t too bulky to get through the front door. Because of their versatility, you can truly use glass shelves in any room of your home. 


Custom Glass Shelves


Custom Glass ShelvesWhen you’ve looked for glass shelves but can’t find the right size for your space, contact Giant Glass & Mirror where it is easy to customize your glass shelves to fit any space and coordinate with any style. Choose from 3/8”-3/4” glass thickness for glass shelves in an office or retail space where you’d like to display products or show off your collectibles at home in a creative way. Do you have an empty corner in your home that needs something extra?  Add custom tempered glass shelves and beautiful functionality to that area. What about that unique piece of furniture that needs shelves but in a size you can’t find anywhere? Custom glass shelves solve your problem and don’t cover up any of the distinct qualities of the piece. When you decide to go custom, you create an element of décor that no one else has in their home, making it that much more meaningful. As you can see, the characteristics and benefits of glass wall shelving create both function and beauty.  


About Giant Glass & Mirror


For over 20 years, our team at Giant Glass & Mirror has been designing and fabricating high-quality glass products. We exclusively use the finest tempered glass materials to make your custom vision come to life. Our team of experts combined with innovative technology and our customer satisfaction guarantee makes us the smart choice for all your custom glass and mirror needs. Other products we provide are frameless tub enclosures, glass tabletops, frameless shower doors, glass partitions, and more. While you’re updating your home or office space with glass shelves, consider these additional updates:  

  • A frameless shower door to add value to your home 
  • Glass tabletops for a great way to protect your furniture and make your home feel modern at the same time 
  • Mirrors, especially large custom ones, to make your home feel bigger and more open


If you’ve been searching for “custom glass shelves near me,” you don’t need to look any further than Giant Glass & Mirror. Reach out to us for a free estimate today!