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You’ve heard how you can use mirrors to make a small home feel bigger, but have you ever thought about how you can apply this same concept outside of the home? Trying to grow a vegetable garden or flower bed in a small yard can drive you a little crazy. However, adding a mirror to your garden can make it feel less cramped and reflect light at the same time, helping your little garden look bigger while getting more sunshine. Mirrors outdoors are a great way to cover unsightly objects and add interest to your space. No matter what size your yard is or how hard it may seem to hang a mirror outside, we’ll prepare you with tips on how to effectively place a mirror in your garden or outdoor dining area in the correct way and for the maximum effect. 


In the Garden


When you have anything you want to showcase in your garden, such as a statue or a flower bed, adding a mirror behind or nearby it creates a more dramatic effect. You can also lay any size mirror down on the ground and create the illusion of a water feature by surrounding it with rocks and pebbles. Additionally, mirror mosaics are a great way to add interest to your garden. Consider hanging small pieces of mirror in a beautiful pattern along your fence to create dimension, light, and a beautiful piece of art to enjoy. You can also add unusually shaped pieces of mirror to random places in your backyard or attach smaller mirrors to low hanging branches on your trees to create an interesting lighting effect or sculpture. A mirrored lattice, mirrored window pane, mirrored fence, and decorative mirror balls are all amazing ways to use mirrors in gardens and add more light and beauty to your outdoor area. 


Outdoor Dining Area


If you enjoy entertaining outside, consider placing a custom mirror alongside your dining area. This will make your eating area feel larger while reflecting any lighting you have such as candles or twinkle lights, increasing the ambiance. When you want to create height in your space place your mirrors vertically or to create length place them horizontally. Placing a large mirror vertically near your dining area will create the illusion of a doorway or outdoor portal. This adds an element of mystery and magic to your space, enhancing the al fresco experience. If you have an outdoor area for washing up, adding a mirror above the sink is an excellent way to make it feel more elegant.  


Mirror Safety Tips


When you place mirrors outside, you need to protect them from the elements. Some people like the weathered, distressed look of mirrors that have been through years of heat and rain.  However, for others who want to keep their mirror looking brand new, make sure to keep it in a covered area or spray the frame with a protective, water-resistant layer of paint. It’s also important to protect wildlife from injuring themselves on your outdoor mirrors. Take the time to watch the flight patterns of birds that enter your backyard and make sure that you aren’t placing any mirrors in their way.


Additionally, be careful to never place your mirrors in direct sunlight. Though you do want the light reflecting off of them, you don’t want it to be so bright that you can’t go outside or that it causes a fire. Soften the effect by placing mirrors in shaded areas and behind ivy. 


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