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Did you know that most successful people have an established morning routine? President Obama does his workout every single morning, followed religiously by breakfast with his daughters. Jane Austen would wake up, play the piano, cook breakfast, and then write. Steve Jobs asked himself each morning, “If today were my last day on earth what would I do differently?” It’s the small things that we do every single day that make the biggest difference. Establishing your own morning routine is simple; the hard part is sticking to it. If you want to improve your morning routine, think about what you want it to accomplish. Do you want to feel happier? More productive? Healthier? Once you know what you want out of life, you can perfect your morning routine to give you the results you need. Consider the following five tips:


Set Up Barriers


What’s keeping you from a smooth morning routine? If you’re constantly hitting snooze, try placing your alarm clock further away. Don’t allow yourself to do things that distract from your goals. For example, don’t check social media first thing in the morning if it’s going to make you late for your workout. Remind yourself that you have the rest of the day to do everything else you want. Block the people and things from your life that are negative influences by turning your phone on silent and not letting any distractions in. Mornings are sacred, and your routine should be too. 


Be Intentional


Don’t just avoid all the bad things, make it easier to stick to your morning routine by going to bed earlier, setting realistic goals, and being intentional. When you set out your clothes the night before, you’ll have fewer decisions to make in the morning. When your bathroom is clean and functioning properly, you won’t have to worry about anything tripping you up (literally) during your morning routine. Keep everything simple and straightforward. Make a plan and stick to it. The more consistent you are with your morning routine, the more it will become second nature, and you’ll start to notice a difference in your overall life. 


Invest in Hydroslide Doors 


Speaking of making things easier and your routine smoother, hydroslide frameless shower doors make getting ready for the day something to look forward to. Don’t let your dirty shower curtain or your loud framed shower door mess with your calm and focused headspace. Instead, use a hydroslide shower enclosure that opens and closes quietly and smoothly, to help keep your morning routine flawless and functional.


Multi-Task in the Mornings


When you multi-task in the mornings, you’ll feel more productive with less effort during the rest of the day. Try calling a friend or family member on the way to work or listening to a podcast while you get ready.  You could also repeat positive affirmations while you cook a healthy breakfast. You’ll feel like you can conquer anything when you take the time to do a few things at once in the mornings. Especially if they’re all things that are good for your mind and body. 




This is the hardest step of them all. Be consistent! The best way to do this is to be realistic with yourself. Not sure if you can run a mile every single morning? Start with every other day and work your way up to it. When you’re first getting started, writing a morning routine to-do list on the fridge or bathroom mirror may help you stick to all the things you want to do. If you end up forgetting, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day. The beauty of mornings is that there’s a new one each day and it’s up to you what you want to do with it. 


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