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Mirrors are an essential decorating element in any modern, traditional, or transitional home. They help to open space while also providing a practical function. When your walls feel bare or uninteresting, custom decorative wall mirrors are exactly what you need.


A little inspiration goes a long way when it comes to your home décor. At Giant Glass & Mirror we create life-lasting custom mirrors for every room in your home. When you’re looking for creative ways to use mirrors, these seven ideas will help you to add style, function, and beauty to any room.

7 Ways Custom Mirrors Can Beautify Your Home


No design element in your home should be an afterthought. Make your custom mirrors an integral part of your décor with these seven unique ideas.

1. Create Depth and Dimension with Custom Mirrors over Wainscoting


Wainscoting is a beautiful wall finishing style that can add depth and drama to any room. This style is popular in traditional homes, as well as in transitional homes where ideas from different periods are combined.


You can add even more depth to wainscoting by installing hanging framed mirrors. This will bring out the unique aesthetic of the wall while reflecting other features in the room. You will also get similarly impressive results over textured walls and wood panels.

2. Create Contrast with a Black Mirror Frame on a White Bathroom Wall


If your bathroom feels a little too pristine and conservative in its design approach, you can benefit from installing a custom mirror in a dark frame, on a pure white wall. The contrast will create depth in your bathroom and an eye-catching detail you will appreciate every day.

3. A Floor to Ceiling Mirror Can Create a Sense of Space in Your Dining Room


Your dining room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where the family comes together at the beginning and end of each day. It’s a place for conversations, the formation of strong bonds, and lasting memories.


While large mirrors are currently trending in dining rooms, you can take this trend a step further by installing a floor to ceiling mirror on a feature wall. This will create a lively atmosphere that feels larger and more open. You can even have a custom beveled mirror made to take the design to the next level.

4. Tone Match Your Custom Mirror to Your Bathroom Vanity



Previously, we suggested using contrasting custom mirrors to bring a unique element to your bathroom wall. However, you can also go in the complete opposite direction and choose a matching mirror with a frame made from the same material as your bathroom vanity. This creates a sense of order and planning in your bathroom, which is a subtle way to make the space feel tidier and more organized.


Of course, choosing a matching frame instead of a contrasting one also looks great, and it’s an impressive way to get the best out of the design choices you’ve already made in your bathroom.

5. Reflect Your Window View with Large Custom Mirrors


Interior designers use mirrors to increase the sense of space in home décor. To get the best results, you need to think about the view that you are reflecting. In your dining room, living room, or any other large open space, you should use mirrors to reflect the view from windows. This makes a room feel twice its size by offering a sense of space, even when you are faced away from windows.

Oversized mirrors work best for this, so make sure you invest in large custom mirror designs from Giant Glass & Mirror.

6. Use Custom Beveled Mirrors for Plain Walls


If you aren’t familiar with beveled mirrors, you’re in for a treat. Custom beveled mirrors have their sides cut at sloping angles to create the impression of a framed edge, even on a frameless mirror. This can give you more versatility in terms of design and aesthetic. Beveled edges also create more light refraction, making for a unique environment in any room.


Try using a full wall beveled mirror in living spaces, a bedroom, or even your bathroom.

7. Use Metallic Frames to Brighten Bedrooms and Living Spaces


Some homeowners have difficulty using mirrors in dark spaces where the walls are finished in black and tones of grey. While dark interiors are incredibly popular today, they can be problematic when it comes to lighting. Mirrors work with the light and surfaces around them, which often causes them to lose impact when installed in a dark room.


To overcome this, try using a contrasting or metallic frame around a custom mirror. This will create a sense of mystery around the mirror and make for a great showpiece.

Get Custom Mirrors That Bring Out the Best in Your Home


Even with the best ideas, you need a custom mirrors manufacturer that can create pieces that will last you a lifetime. When you’re in South Florida, Giant Glass & Mirror is the company to call for affordable, bespoke mirror designs.


Plan your interior without limitations when you work with the best team in the industry. Talk to us today, and we’ll design mirrors that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.