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Time out on the water is inseparable from the Florida lifestyle. As a yacht owner, you know firsthand how liberating it can be to head out into the blue waters of the Atlantic, the Florida Keys, or even further down into the warm and ever-lively Caribbean.


Your yacht is a point of pride. When you’ve got so much money and a significant part of your personality tied up in a single investment, it only makes sense that you would insist on the best for repairs, renovations, or complete remodeling.


Giant Glass & Mirror offers custom glass design for yachts, with products that range from marine shower enclosures to luxury glass railings. If you want your vessel to stand out at the next boat show, or when you simply want the enjoyment that comes from quality fittings and glass fixtures, we can help.

Glass is the Ideal Material for a Yacht


Your yacht is a symbol of luxury and success, and it deserves the best materials that you can put in it.


Glass is one of the most durable interior materials available today. It resists staining and scratching, it requires very little maintenance, and it looks beautiful in the right applications. Whether you are remodeling the bathrooms on your yacht or if you need custom solutions for replacement windows, the quality of the glass that you choose is important.


The use of glass on super yachts is more prevalent today than at any other point in history. It’s considered by many to be the ideal material to showcase the true beauty of any yacht.


On the water, glass undergoes more stress than on land. The constant movement created tension on the frames and hardware. Exterior windows are exposed to sea spray, rain, and debris. All these elements mean that everything on your yacht needs to perform to a high level to provide a long return on your investment. Your interior glass installations and windows are no exception.


Giant Glass & Mirror has over two decades of experience in glass design and fabrication. We create application-specific solutions, so you don’t need to question whether you’re making the right investment.


Our tempered glass manufacturing techniques result in high-quality options for bathroom finishing and remodeling. For windows and other external features on your yacht, we use double-pane safety glass to ensure durability in all conditions.

Custom Glass Design for Yachts


To get an idea of how we can help on your next project, consider all the products that we offer, including exterior and custom interior glass for yachts.

  • We are glass mirror experts, creating bespoke designs that will elevate any space. Whether it’s your primary living quarters, master bed, or your yacht bathrooms, we provide solutions that will improve the aesthetic while providing years of durability. Options like beveled mirror edges give you a clean frameless design for a modern luxury yacht.
  • We custom fabricate marine shower enclosures to increase the sense of space in your yacht. Glass is an excellent material for yacht bathrooms because it doesn’t break your line of sight when stepping into the room. With glass you get an unobstructed view from door to wall, making the space feel larger and more inviting. If your yacht bathroom feels cramped, a custom frameless glass enclosure can provide the feel of luxury that you’re looking for.
  • We also offer custom yacht sliding doors for sale. While glass looks impressive, it also works as a safety feature, offering you complete visibility at all times. Just like our windows, we create our door glass with safety and structural stability in mind. Talk to Giant Glass & Mirror today to find out how quality glass installations could improve the aesthetic of your yacht.
  • As mentioned previously, our windows, made with high-quality glass for yachts, offer long lifetime and protection from the elements. We can even tint our glass for privacy and protection from harmful UV light. Insulative properties will keep your yacht interiors cool and comfortable at any time of year.
  • Glass railings for yachts add an extra touch of class and elegance. When you are retrofitting in an older yacht you can completely transform the aesthetic to bring your pride and joy into the modern era. For new construction or remodeling, Giant Glass & Mirror has you fully covered.

Choose an Industry Leader – Your Yacht Deserves It!


With our custom glass design for yachts service, you can create unique additions that will make your craft stand out. Take pride in your yacht and the success that you’ve achieved in life. Whether you use your yacht for personal adventures or commercial services, our custom glass products will bring stunning beauty that gives you new enthusiasm for life on the water.


Contact Giant Glass & Mirror today to order high-quality glass for yachts. We will work closely with you to create designs that reflect your own sense of style. Exacting measurements and manufacturing standards ensure the perfect fit and a good return on your investment.