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Four Additions to Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

Some home remodeling experts will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the home, but many homeowners disagree with this statement. Sure, the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in your home, and it’s often a hot spot for socialization and family bonding. Still, it can’t quite compete with your bathroom.


Take a moment to consider what your bathroom means to your lifestyle:

  • It’s the beginning and endpoint of each day. It sets your mood in the morning and helps you relax when you come home each night.
  • It’s a space where inspiration and deep reflection are possible. How many times have you spent daydreaming in the bath or had one of those ‘eureka’ moments in the shower when you figure out one of life’s big problems? The bathroom is a place of solitude, and it’s where some of your most introspective moments happen.
  • The bathroom also sets the mood of your entire home. The aesthetic is often a baseline for how far you go with other improvements. Because the bathroom is relatively small compared to other living spaces, it’s easy to splurge on luxurious materials.


With all this in mind, can you still say that the kitchen is the most important room in your home?

Creating a functional and comfortable bathroom will inspire, relax, and invigorate you when you need it, and offer a safe and comfortable space where you can escape for a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how your day went.


When planning bathroom improvements, you need to consider them carefully. When you want a makeover that matters, start with these four bathroom remodeling suggestions from our team at Giant Glass & Mirror. From flooring and heating to hydroslide glass doors, these are the improvements that will really make a difference.


The right improvements, won’t just increase comfort in your bathroom; in most cases, bathroom remodels are one of the top home updates that pay off and ensure a complete return on your investment at resale.

1: Add an Elegant Bathroom Vanity


The vanity you choose is equally as important as your shower and tub. A vanity sets the tone of the room, allowing you to base other improvements around its design. A vanity is also functional, giving you and your family what is essentially a work space for personal hygiene and presentation.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your vanity. High-quality materials could see this investment last the lifetime of your home. Engineered wood vanities are long-lasting and stand up to moisture better than natural timber. Composite materials are also popular.


Wall mount vanities create modern beauty, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, go for a freestanding option with decorated legs and cabinets. When you have the space in your bathroom, a dual sink vanity effectively doubles the functionality of the room. In shared family bathrooms, a double sink is essential.

2: Install Underfloor Heating


Even in our Florida climate that is known for being warm, the mornings can get a little too cool and uncomfortable. The perfect answer to this problem is to install underfloor heating.


You don’t truly know luxury in a bathroom until you’ve experienced underfloor heating. The warmth that radiates from tiles or other flooring materials gives you a pleasant feel underfoot, making those colder mornings much more bearable.


Best of all, underfloor heating is relatively affordable, and you can easily get the work done during a larger bathroom remodel. When you’re removing the flooring anyway, adding some heating mats is not a big deal.

3: Upgrade with Hydroslide Doors for Your Tub and Shower


Like your vanity, shower and tub enclosures set the tone in your bathroom, either improving or detracting from the aesthetic, depending on the choices you make.


When you’re aiming for luxury, glass is the only material in contention. Glass works with any décor style, provides a high-end look and feel, and is easy to maintain. Glass can even improve the sense of space in your bathroom when compared to solid shower and tub enclosures.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we recommend hydroslide doors for an unmistakable touch of class and distinction. You will enjoy the practicality, smooth operation, and minimalist aesthetic of the sliding mechanism. We customize hydroslide shower enclosures and tub enclosures for every project, so you can order something that perfectly suits your bathroom, without compromises.

4: Spend More for Better Hardware


High-quality bathroom hardware comes at a premium over budget-priced alternatives, but the difference is not so extreme that it will blow your remodeling budget. Spending more for quality stainless steel, brass, or even gold-plated hardware will add elegance to your bathroom that you will appreciate every day. Cabinets and drawers will feel better when you open them, as will your hydroslide shower enclosure or tub door.


Don’t just stop at pulls and handles. Use better quality hardware for towel rails, metal shelves, soap dispensers, clothes hooks, and toilet roll holders, etc.

A Beautiful Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home


Experts understand that the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that really sell homes, and renovating these spaces adds value at resale. You have nothing to lose when making luxurious choices for your bathroom remodel can make you feel more comfortable in your home today, and help you sell it in the future.


Giant Glass & Mirror is a premium glass product designer and manufacturer based in South Florida. We create beautiful shower and bath enclosures using the practical and extremely elegant hydroslide doors system. We can also fabricate glass partitions, custom beveled mirrors, and even glass shelves to improve your bathroom or any other space in your home.


Strike one thing off your to-do list by contacting the best hydroslide shower enclosure company in Florida. Custom enclosures and effortless sliding doors will help you build the luxurious bathroom you deserve.