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As your home ages and your taste in interior décor changes, you may want to customize parts of it to make it more in line with your preferences. There are many affordable ways to make a house more visually appealing and functional. Modernizing the home by adding fresh textiles is one simple change you can make on a limited budget.

If you’re looking for an easy, low-cost way to make your home look better, adding glass shower doors to your bathrooms is worth considering. Not only is this an upgrade to the look of any bathroom, but the added function of a glass shower door also makes daily life easier. As a homeowner, there are many advantages to having a glass shower panel instead of a shower curtain. Not only does this streamline the look of the bathroom, but it also makes maintenance and upkeeps simpler.


No Major Construction and Cleanup

Updating the major surfaces in your bathroom can take skilled labor and create a mess in your home, rendering the bathroom unusable for weeks. Unlike other bathroom renovation projects, adding a glass shower door is a quick process that doesn’t create a mess inside your home. Adding a frameless glass shower panel can be completed quickly, without damaging your existing bathtub and fixtures. The visual impact of this large-scale change can make much more of a difference in the overall look of the bathroom than a more expensive, larger-scale renovation.

Easier to Maintain and Clean

When cleaned and maintained regularly, there’s less potential for mold and mildew growth on a glass door surface than the bottom of a shower curtain. You never have to worry about changing out the liner or cleaning mildew growth from it, cutting down on the amount of time you spend maintaining the bathroom. Using a cleaning product and a squeegee, you can keep shower film and mold from growing on the glass surface.

Adds Value to the Home

As a homeowner, you must consider how every dollar you spend may increase the equity you hold in the property. Studies have shown that changes to your kitchen or bathroom are solid investments. Upgrading the textiles and fixtures in the bathroom can add value to your home for potential resale. Buyers are often drawn to bathrooms and kitchens that have recently been renovated, and spa-style bathrooms are popular with buyers from every category. Plus, a shower door can make it easier for people with limited mobility to access the shower, making it appeal to a larger group of potential buyers.

Encourages Natural Light to Flow Through the Space

If your small bathroom is one of the problems you struggle within your home, there can be solutions that don’t require a whole large-scale renovation. While you may not be able to increase the square footage of your bathroom, you can do things to maximize the space you already have. Using neutral or bright colors will help brighten the space and adding glass will help the natural light reflect across the room and make it seem lighter. You can add recessed waterproof lights to the ceiling of the shower area to make the shower brighter.

Can Be Added To Any Bathroom

If you live in an older or unconventional home, making changes to the living space can be complicated. Luckily, a glass shower door can be custom made to fit into any shower space, regardless of the width or height. Through the design process, you can work with an expert to create the look you want in your bathroom.

Frameless glass shower doors might be perfect for your guest or master bathroom and adding them can be cheaper than you realize. If you want to add a frameless glass shower panel to your bathroom, Giant Glass and Mirror can help. Contact us today to find out more about how easy it is to add a glass shower door to your bathroom.