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Renovating your bathroom can feel like an overwhelming task. There is so much to think about and consider, and since you’re investing a chunk of money into it, you want to get everything right. The most important thing you can do before you start anything is to make a plan. In this article, we’ll break down the crucial points and frequently asked questions like, “Can I customize my frameless shower doors?” and “What’s the best lighting to get?”


How Do You Want Your Bathroom to Feel?


The VERY first thing you want to figure out is the style and feel you’re going for. All of your other decisions will be easier if you know the answer to this first question. Do you want it to be a bright and cheery bathroom, majestic and formal feeling, or spa-like and relaxing? A good place to go to for ideas is the rest of your home! Perhaps you want it to flow with the farmhouse theme you have going, or maybe you want it to be an escape from other areas in your home. Thinking about how you really want it to feel will make decisions about the details, like whether you should get frameless glass shower doors and what type of wallpaper would be best, a little bit easier to make.


Who Will Use the Bathroom?


A big part of how you want to renovate your bathroom depends on the answer to the question, “who will be using the bathroom?” If it’s a master bathroom, you may want to make plans for a jetted tub, a double shower, an easy to clean frameless glass shower panel, and his and hers vanities. If it’s a kid’s bathroom, on the other hand, think about fun color schemes, water-proof tile, and easy to reach towel hangers. The people using the bathroom affect almost every decision about how you want your bathroom to function.


Type of Shower Door


Now that you have an idea of the look, feel, and function of your bathroom, you can start to design it. Color schemes and materials are the next things you need to specify. The type of shower or tub door you choose will have the next biggest impact on your space. Frameless shower doors are gaining popularity because they are easy to clean and maintain while looking seamless and modern. There is more than one type of frameless glass door, and we’ve listed the pros and cons of each below.

  • Frameless Glass Shower Panel
    • A glass shower panel, or frameless shower shield, is an excellent option for people who do not necessarily need a door that opens and closes. Some people like the minimal look and open feel of a single glass panel that catches the water from the shower but doesn’t completely close it off. Because less hardware is needed, shower panels convey a clean, seamless look that is both functional and beautiful.
  • Frameless Shower Door
    • Depending on the size of your shower, you can get one or two frameless shower doors. They can be customized to fit the exact width and length of your space while offering a variety of hardware styles that can match the rest of your bathroom’s finishes. Many people choose to put a towel rack on their shower door for ease of access.
  • Frameless Pivot Shower Door
    • These doors have a pivot hinge that is secured from top to bottom of the shower door corner. This allows a door to swing 180 degrees left to right. The benefit of this type of door is that you can choose if you want it to open towards or away from you depending on which side of the shower you are on.
  • Frameless Sliding Shower Doors
    • Frameless sliding shower doors are fixed in place and open and close on a sliding track. This is an easy-to-use option for kids and adults alike. The benefit of a sliding glass door is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space when it opens and closes.


There are other framed door options as well, but the very best benefits of any type of frameless door in your bathroom include less risk of mildew and mold buildup around the frame, easier to clean and a more updated look compared to a traditional shower curtain. Additionally, with all the customization techniques available today, you can truly design your bathroom door exactly the way you want it.


Tile and Lighting Design


Once you’ve selected your door, you can move on to tile and lighting design. Make sure to choose something both practical and aesthetically pleasing. For example, non-slip, waterproof tile that looks great and beautiful lighting that you can do your makeup in. For more information, you can research how to properly light a bathroom or ask a professional at your local home improvement store for advice on how to achieve the look you are going for.


All you have to do now is pick out the finishing touches. Hardware, mirrors, storage, and accessories are just as important as the first few steps in renovating your bathroom. Now that we’ve covered those for you, get inspired, enjoy the process, and get to work! For more information on frameless glass shower doors, click here. We now ship nationwide!