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The phrase, “less is more” sums up the idea behind the latest movement, minimalism. Documentaries, shows, books, podcasts, and entire social media accounts have been dedicated to ways to simplify and minimalize your life. The benefits to minimalism are many and can truly help you financially, mentally, and emotionally. There is something about freeing up the literal space around you that frees up space in your mind as well. Some of the main benefits of minimalism: getting rid of excess stuff and focusing more on experiences than things are:

  • Freedom from financial worry
  • Getting rid of clutter that doesn’t add any value to your life
  • Spending your money on experiences rather than things
  • Being happier and less stressed
  • Going green
  • Developing better relationships


Hydroslide Doors and Minimalism


Rather than throwing everything away, sometimes true minimalism requires a switch that will make your life easier and simpler. In order to really enjoy your new minimalistic lifestyle, switch from your current framed shower or shower curtain to a hydroslide frameless shower door. Hydroslide shower doors are glass panels that are installed to slide back and forth, creating a smooth, quiet, gliding mechanism. They take away your need for a shower curtain, shower liner, and the chance of tripping over a step into or out of the shower. If you have a tub, you can also get a hydroslide tub door that creates a minimalist look for your bathroom. Since they’re glass, these doors allow you to see into your shower space, creating motivation for you to keep your shower accessories and products to a minimum as well. Much less maintenance is required with hydroslide doors because they are easier to clean, and not prone to rust or mildew.


How to Minimalize Your Home


Once you’ve made the switch to hydroslide doors, you can focus on decluttering your bathroom and the rest of your home as well. Or perhaps you want to make an even bigger switch and downsize to a smaller home. The popular home and style blog, Apartment Therapy, said this about how to start living a more minimalist lifestyle:


“Your quest for a more minimal lifestyle might point you in the direction of a smaller or simplified home. This is a big step for folks who own or rent homes, but not impossible. Again, start with a goal of what you want — be specific. Not sure what you want? Do some traveling — and look to stay in homes in the size range you’re thinking about. You’ll be able to visualize your future life easier if it’s a size you can downsize to. Or perhaps the size and type of your home is okay, but it’s what’s in it…”


Whether you want to downsize or just declutter, any steps toward minimalism will help clear your mind and your home. You’ll be able to better focus on the present, be more content with what you already have, and be more financially stable. Start with small steps like cleaning out your closet one weekend, and then donating excess items like linens, coats, shoes, or toys. The more you do it and feel the benefits from it, the more you’ll want to.


Hydroslide Doors Near Me


Are you ready to start making the switch to the minimalist lifestyle? The minimalist look of hydroslide doors will complement any bathroom, no matter what your style is. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we are involved every step of the way, from hydroslide shower enclosure design and fabrication to your hydroslide shower door installation.


“Hydroslide frameless shower doors have surged in popularity as homeowners search for a refined look at home. Designed for stand-up showers or above bathtubs, the smooth mechanisms on Hydroslide doors provide an effortlessly light door with quiet sliding action. Fixed glass panels on either end of the shower or both sides at 90 and 180 degrees accommodate a wide range of designs. Discover the shower door that is both functional and stylish to complete your shower enclosure.”-Giant Glass & Mirror


With our standard for using only the highest quality glass products and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong with Giant Glass & Mirror. Now shipping nationwide, we can design, fabricate, and ship any shower design to you. If you live in Dania Beach, FL or any of the surrounding areas, we will happily install your new tub or shower enclosure for you, ensuring that the work is completed with exactness the first time. Call us today and start creating a beautiful, minimalist lifestyle in your bathroom.