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If you’ve ever worked in a corporate office or visited a big commercial building of some sort, you know that it can feel a bit boring and dull if not designed and decorated correctly. Glass partitions are an excellent way to liven up any commercial space. Glass partition walls are frameless glass walls or panels used in a variety of forms, including wall dividers, shower doors, knee-walls, closet partitions, and more. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we use only high-quality tempered glass, which is a strong, durable material that you won’t have to worry about easily breaking or cracking.


Commercial Glass Partition Wall Design


Glass partition walls for home offices or other rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Because of their versatility, you can truly use a glass partition wall anywhere. The key to beginning a successful commercial design is to formulate a plan for how you want the space to feel. Are you designing a hospital? Then perhaps glass partition walls can help the rooms feel more connected and communicative, rather than cold and isolated. Thinking about redoing your conference room? Try putting glass walls around it, so your coworkers get a sense of what’s going on both in and outside of the room, creating an atmosphere of trust and transparency. Wondering how to use glass partition walls for offices? Instead of predictable cubicles, think glass panels. People will be able to see each other and connect better, creating a sense of teamwork. Giant Glass & Mirror has frosted glass and classic, ultra-clear glass options so that you can decide how transparent you want to be. The options for using glass are endless, and the benefits of using glass in commercial buildings are backed by research.


The Theory Behind Glass Partition Design


“Le Corbusier stated the glass envelope [in architecture] is the ‘minimum membrane’ between indoors and outdoors. Today, architects are not satisfied by the natural illumination and panorama views which is provided by the glass skins, but they are looking after something more. They want to create the whole building, from the beams and the columns to the ceilings and the roofs from glass.”-Glass Structures, From Theory to Practice



As you can see, using glass in commercial buildings is not foreign to architects and interior designers. They realize that there is something powerful and soothing to mankind about being able to see everything around you through glass, especially when what you’re seeing is a beautiful view of nature. Whether you have an all-glass wall, a small glass panel, or an entire building made of glass, you are choosing to open up your world, your view, and your scope of understanding, both figuratively and literally.


“Architects and engineers are inspired to use glass to create not only transparent spaces but also illusion and wonder. The combination of being protected from natural forces as well as maintaining view to the outside is a unique characteristic of the glass which merges exterior and interior. The desire to use the structural capacity of the glass spreads among the architects and engineers, and they started to push the limits in this regard.”-Glass Structures, From Theory to Practice


Glass Partition Detail



Now that you know some of the benefits of using glass in commercial buildings, it’s important you know your options. Architects and engineers have pushed limits in the past when building with glass, and it’s taught us that tempered glass is stronger and more durable, and that customizing glass is entirely possible. You may know that you want a glass office partition, but you aren’t sure what you want it to look like. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we have a team of experienced and talented designers who can help you come up with and design a vision that corresponds with your company or brand. Glass allows for all kinds of creative designs, patterns, and styles. Let us help you create the perfect glass wall or glass partition for your commercial space. Once we design it, we’ll also build it using the highest quality materials, and install it with precision.


“All in all, the advantages of using the glass structures in domes and roofs of the buildings far outweigh the disadvantages. The glass skin maximizes the natural light, which results in increasing the humankind’s mood and productivity as well as connecting to the environment.”- Glass Structures, From Theory to Practice


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