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A master bathroom should be an oasis. It is a place where you take long luxurious showers or baths, and since you use your bathroom every day, you want it to be high quality. Shower doors and bathtub enclosures play a considerable role in the functionality of your bathroom space. If you are looking to upgrade your current bathroom, you should consider adding frameless shower doors. Learn more about frameless shower doors below, and why they would be a great addition to your space.


A framed shower door is made of thin glass with metal around the edges to strength it. However, frameless shower doors use thicker glass without the metal frame. A frameless shower door is strong and beautiful. It is also easy to customize, and frameless shower doors have a lot of other advantages as well. Check out those advantages below.

Advantages of Using Frameless Shower Doors

Many people are choosing to update their bathrooms with frameless shower doors to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

  • Sturdy Design – The glass in frameless shower doors is much thicker than glass found in framed shower doors. Frameless doors are usually between 3/8” and 1/2” thick glass. This makes them very sturdy and reliable.
  • Easy to Repair and Replace – With framed shower doors, you have a lot of different parts and components, so they can be hard to repair and replace. In comparison, frameless shower doors are much easier to repair and replace because there are fewer parts and these parts are easily accessible.
  • Easy to Clean – Frameless shower doors are minimal and easy to clean. You simply have to wipe down the glass, and everything looks like new again. These doors are also less likely to collect mold and mildew than framed shower doors because they don’t have places for mold to accumulate.
  • Long-Lasting – Another advantage of frameless shower doors is that they can be long-lasting. These doors often last longer than a framed shower door because they are simple and durable, without large metal frames that can break or wear out.
  • Easy to Customize – Like most doors, framed shower doors come in specific sizes. In contrast, frameless glass shower doors are easy to customize allowing you to choose any size glass panel to fit your space. You can also be more inventive with the design of your shower. For example, you can have three glass walls with a frameless shower door, while a framed door usually only has one glass wall.
  • Stylish and Beautiful – One final advantage of frameless glass shower doors is the added style and beauty. A frameless shower door makes your bathroom lighter because the glass walls let light through. This type of door can also make your bathroom feel bigger compared to a shower curtain. Additionally, a frameless shower door can show off a beautifully tiled shower. Frameless doors can add a lot of style, beauty, and functionality to your bathroom.

Above, we discussed some of the many benefits of choosing frameless glass shower doors for your bathroom upgrade. After you decide on the type of shower door you would like, you will want to look into customization so that you can get a frameless shower door that fits perfectly in your home. Learn more about customizing your bathroom below.

Customizing Your Bathroom

You want your bathroom to be a space that works for you. That means an intuitive design and layout with high-quality materials. One great benefit of using frameless shower doors is the custom element. You can ensure your frameless shower doors fit into your bathroom space exactly how you want.

You can get custom-designed, and custom-built frameless glass shower doors for your home from Giant Glass & Mirror. We offer many different glass options with various looks and thicknesses. For example, you can choose 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass for your frameless shower door.

At Giant Glass & Mirror we specialize in creating custom frameless shower doors for great prices. We can help you add the perfect touches to a bathroom remodel, a new construction project, or even a replacement installation. For over 20 years, our staff at Giant Glass & Mirror has been providing design, fabrication, and installation for shower doors, glass shelves, mirrors, and more.

You can find Giant Glass & Mirror in Dania Beach, Florida, but we serve all of South Florida. We even have nationwide shipping available. If you would like to discuss custom glass or mirrors for your home, you can reach out to us here. We look forward to helping you upgrade your home.