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Classic and timeless, the look of glass shelves is perfect to bring a touch of class to any part of the house. Floating glass shelves are one style that is currently very trendy and appearing in home décor magazines and blogs as the best way to display beloved items, family heirlooms, and photos. Many homeowners think there is little to no difference between these custom-made shelves and the cheaper glass shelves sold in department stores that you can affix to the wall yourself. But custom-made shelves created from tempered glass are a long-term investment that will age well and serve you for years to come. Once you’ve had them made and placed them in the home, you can count on them featuring in the room for years to come.

If you want to add glass shelving to your home, but aren’t sure If they are right for you, here are some of the top reasons to consider adding glass shelves to your house:


Whether you need shelves to showcase the beautiful glassware behind your bar or delicate ornaments and figurines on your living room wall, a custom-made glass shelf is a perfect addition to your rooms. Some of the best places to put these shelves include:

  • Glass shelves for kitchen cabinets, which turn regular cabinetry into a beautiful, eye-catching feature
  • Bathroom glass shelves to hold toiletries and decorative items
  • Glass shelves for bar liquors, wines, glasses, and other necessities

But they aren’t limited to these parts of the home, as custom glass shelves can work as an asset in any room. Bedroom glass shelves can hold books, accessories, and small personal items you use often, helping you stay organized and cut down on the time you spend looking for these items daily.

Ideal for Unusual Spaces

Not every home has perfectly sized open wall spaces where you can place a standard sized shelf. You may require a small shelf suitable to highlight small items or an oversize shelf where you can display a whole collection. Or you may want to create a stunning visual effect by hanging bookshelves that spiral or stack to make a bigger image. Custom glass shelves are ideal for spaces where store-bought shelves are unlikely to fit. By having glass shelves made to the exact size of the opening, you can avoid common installation issues and use every inch of the available space.

Made with Durable Tempered Glass

Shelves sold for bargain prices at discount retailers are made with cheap variations of glass that can chip, crack or break easily. They may become dusty or cloudy over time, even as you try to keep them clean. A custom-made shelf made out of tempered glass is designed to last. Used for electronic screen protectors and other applications that need to be shatter-resistant, tempered glass is treated with chemicals to make it long-lasting and able to sustain impact. Tempered glass is less likely to break, and in the unlikely event that it does, it will not create a dangerous mess the way normal glass does. Tempered glass is designed to break into fewer pieces, so the shards that can easily end up being stepped on are eliminated from the equation. With less sharp edges when broken, tempered glass is a better choice for homes with families or pets who can easily break things and cut themselves. These shelves can handle a knock or unexpected impact without falling apart, helping them stay in place long after you put them there.

If you’re looking for custom tempered glass shelves to put in your home, Giant Glass and Mirror can help. Our team is experienced in designing, making and installing glass shelves for any part of the home. Contact us today to get a free estimate for custom made glass shelves.