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While some people love open concept areas, others are not so fond of them. The idea of an open-concept office space was created to help offices have a more collaborative and connected feel. However, there are some downsides to an open-concept workspace. Learn more about the functional problems of an open concept office and how glass partition walls can fix these problems below.


The idea behind an open concept workplace is that it encourages people to connect and collaborate. It is meant to be a place where people can discuss and share ideas,  where everyone works together with no barriers to achieving success. This is an excellent sentiment because collaborating and working together can be vital to the progress of a company.  However, when it comes to practicality and employee productivity, there are some issues with open concept offices.

What are these issues? One example of an issue with an open concept workplace is that there can be a lot of noise. If you don’t have walls to create some separation, the noise in your open concept office can be overwhelming. Another problem with the open-concept office is the lack of privacy. For certain types of work, you need privacy. Also, privacy can help with concentration and completing tasks in a timely fashion.

Ultimately, open-concept offices are not entirely good or bad. There are both pros and cons to an open concept workplace. However, using glass partition walls in your office can help give you the feel of an open concept with some boundaries.


From our previous discussion, there are clearly good and bad things about an open-concept workspace. However, using glass walls can help you embrace the good parts about an open concept office and get rid of the bad parts. Check it out!

  • Reduce Noise – One downside of the open-concept office is that it can be very loud. If everything is out in the open and there are no walls to contain noise, it can be hard for people to concentrate and be productive. Using glass partition walls can solve your noise issues by separating spaces and creating noise barriers while still giving your office an open feeling.
  • Give Privacy – Another thing that people don’t like about an open-concept office is that it doesn’t offer much privacy. With certain work tasks, such as, meetings, client phones calls, or even tasks that require deep concentration, privacy is essential. Glass partition walls offer the privacy you need for these job responsibilities by creating offices or meeting rooms, while still leaving the unobstructed, airy feeling of an open-concept office. Additionally, glass partition walls are fully customizable, so if you are looking for even more privacy, you can choose a frosted glass for your walls.
  • Define Space – It can be hard to be in an office that doesn’t have clearly defined spaces like meeting spaces, break areas and separate areas for different departments. If your office is a completely open concept, it can be tough to know where one area ends and another begins. You can solve this problem with glass partition walls. Glass walls or dividers define space without sacrificing openness.
  • Keep the Open Feeling – The idea of feeling connected and collaborative in an open-concept office is great. You want your employees to feel united with their coworkers and the business. Using glass partitions in your office can help keep the open feel of your office while still solving some of the practical problems of an open concept office at the same time.

As you can see, glass partition walls could be a great solution to help you more practically embrace an open concept office. Learn more about customizing glass partition walls below.

Customizing Your Office with Glass Partitions

One of the best benefits of using glass partition walls is that they are easily customizable. It is simple to create a glass wall or divider for the exact size you need. Also, after it is designed, it is easy to install or rearrange if necessary. This makes glass partition walls a very convenient option for you and your office building.

At Giant Glass & Mirror, we create custom glass products including everything from frameless shower doors to glass office partitions. We also carry custom glass tabletops, mirrors, and more. We know that glass can be a great material for so many reasons, and we are here to help you get exactly what you want with our glass products.

If you want to create custom glass partition walls for your office, contact us at Giant Glass & Mirror today. We look forward to working with you on your project.