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While mirrors are functional, they also bring light and style into any space. Using custom mirrors as design elements throughout your home is an excellent way to showcase your style and combine form with function. Mirrors can bring light into a dark corner, reflect a lovely piece of furniture, or add the appearance of more space in a small room. Custom beveled mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, functional vanity mirrors, and large floor mirrors are some of the options you have when you work with Giant Glass and Mirror.


Traditional straight edge mirrors are beautiful, however beveled mirrors are a cut above for a few reasons. Some beveled mirrors even become family heirlooms which are passed down for generations.

  • Beveled edge mirrors reflect more light than straight cut mirrors. The angle at which the sides are cut gathers light from all four sides rather than just the front and reflects out from all sides as well.
  • A beveled edge mirror achieves a more sophisticated and classy look.
  • Many antique mirrors are beveled, which is another reason why they are considered so lovely, as they harken back to a time gone by.


Mirrors are functional first and foremost; however, they serve an important purpose when it comes to style as well. Follow these tips to ensure your style shines when you use a decorative mirror.

  • Location, location, location! The entryway is the most common place for a mirror outside of the bathroom. It is welcoming for your guests and gives you one last glance to get that spinach out of your teeth before heading out the door. However, mirrors can work well in every area of your home. When placed in an optimum location, wellchosen mirror can have a significant impact on the feel of the whole room. 
  • Mirrors are heavy. To ensure that youmirror doesn’t get you seven years of bad luck, use sturdy D hooks and hang them on a stud behind the wall.
  • Hang your mirror opposite from something you are sure you want to be reflected. Think about what you want to amplify? Do you want the lovely view from a window or the pile of clutter on your unorganized desk?


You may not spend that much time in the bathroom, but it is still important to have a comfortable, well-lit area to get ready for your day. A custom vanity mirror can provide the stylish look to your bathroom and some say we even look better in a mirror. Here are a few different ways to use vanity mirrors in your bathroom:

  • Instead of one large mirror, consider hanging two smaller mirrors, exactly the same, next to one another. This gives you almost the same amount of mirror space while adding a touch of style to the area.
  • Be unique! Break out of the square box and try something bold, hang a statement mirror that really speaks to you.
  • Considering adding a custom frame to your vanity mirror. Giant Glass and Mirror has many options to choose from. Frameless mirrors feel a bit more contemporary, adding a frame can really warm up the space.

Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious With a Large Floor Mirror

It used to be considered a decorating no-no to leave a piece of art or a mirror sitting on the floor. People thought it made the room look as if it wasn’t put together all the way. Now, many designers use large decorative mirrors as focal points in their designs, especially in the master bedroom. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to use a floor mirror.

  • Secure the mirror to the wall in the same way you would hang it. Some floor mirrors come with a stand; some will not.
  • Using floor mirrors is a great design decision for renters as it allows you to create a beautiful, stylish space without risking your security deposit!
  • Skip the boring ‘fulllength mirror” hung on the back of a door, and use a large floor mirror! Having a floor mirror placed at the right angle will give you the fulllength view you need in a much more grownup way!

As with any home project, it is important to follow manufactures direction and install your new mirror safely and properlyMirrors are an essential piece to every home décor. They are needed in certain areas like the bathroom and by the front door. They can make a room feel larger and brighter. Mirrors also provide a unique way of decorating your home.

With so many design options for you to choose from at Giant Glass and Mirror, think beyond the bathroom! Contact us for a quote today!