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Why Frameless Shower Doors Will Never Go Out of Style

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Why Frameless Shower Doors Will Never Go Out of StyleThere’s a reason why frameless shower doors have surged in popularity in the last decade and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Some may think that these transparent, clean-lined, glass doors are the epitome of contemporary and modern homes, and while that may be true, glass shower doors are also classic, meaning they can go with any style of home and never look outdated or old fashioned. Because they are so neutral and beautiful, they can adapt to any style you want. Without a frame, these doors are easier to clean and maintain, simple to customize to fit any space and look gorgeous in every home. See how frameless glass shower doors can fit into your favorite style.


Zen Spa


If you want to walk into your bathroom and breathe a sigh of relief, create a Zen experience. You can accomplish this with natural plants and textures like wood and stone. Bring in aromatherapy diffusers to add to the sensory experience. Light colors and an open and bright space will all add to the Zen feeling. Frameless glass shower doors, or even an outdoor shower, can ease your stress and help you relax.




Frameless glass shower doors are the perfect addition to a modern bathroom because they are minimalistic and classy.Think clean, straight lines, and neutral colors. To accomplish a more modern design, you can take some risks, but you do have to adhere to a few rules. Keep things simple, lightweight, and streamlined. Frameless glass shower doors are the perfect addition to a modern bathroom because they are minimalistic and classy. Add some modern shower fixtures and hardware, and you’re off to a great start. If you’re willing to take risks, add in a pop of color, a funky light fixture, and some global style artwork.


Rustic Mountain Retreat


When people think mountains, do they only ever think of deer heads and antlers? We hope not. Rustic can definitely include some hunting souvenirs, but it doesn’t have to be all animal fur and log cabin walls. For your rustic mountain retreat bathroom, creating a space that feels relaxing and beautiful without bringing in all of the great outdoors can be a challenge. Incorporate the colors and textures you love about the mountains. Earthy tones, stone tile, and a waterfall faucet are all subtle ways of bringing in the best attributes of a mountainous area. Add on a glass shower panel to not only allow people to see into your beautifully designed shower space but also for the classic detail, it provides.

Custom designed frameless shower doors




The industrial style is a bit more masculine, leaning toward raw materials like brick, stone, and metals. Straight lines, lots of texture, and darker colors all contribute to the beauty of an industrial bathroom. Add interest with a custom design on your frameless glass shower panel, as shown here. Because industrial usually equates with minimal, clean, frameless shower doors are the perfect addition.




Speaking of things that never go out of style, the traditional style will always be classic, just like glass shower doors. Traditional usually means more detail, curved lines, classic shapes, and neutral colors. It is safe and comforting with a touch of sophistication. If you want your shower to be as classy as the rest of your bathroom, go with frameless glass shower doors.


Kid’s Bathroom


Custom designed frameless shower doorsDo glass shower panels work in kids’ bathrooms too? Yes! Glass tub enclosures and shower panels are an excellent option for kid bathrooms. Not only are they easier to clean and maintain, but they also prevent you from having to deal with shower curtains and water getting all over the bathroom floor. Additionally, it’s easier for kids to get in and out of showers that don’t require any sort of lip or step. With frameless glass shower panels or sliding glass shower doors, you don’t have to worry about any of those things.


As you can see, frameless glass shower doors can literally and figuratively fit into any space and complement it beautifully. They also make any bathroom look and feel larger and increase its overall value. When you work with Giant Glass & Mirror, you have access to our experienced and talented designers who can bring your glass shower vision to life. We have over 20 years of experience designing, creating, and installing the highest quality glass products in a wide variety of homes. With customization options available for everything from glass thickness to hardware color, you can make sure that your new shower door or glass shower panel complements the rest of your bathroom, and your unique style, perfectly.

4 Reasons Glass Bathtub Enclosures Are Better Than Shower Curtains

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Shower curtains versus glass bathtub doors. This is a debate that occurs pretty consistently in the world of bathroom remodels and upgrades. If you are redoing your bathroom, deciding between glass bathtub doors and shower curtains is something you will have to do. Below, check out our top four reasons to choose glass bathtub enclosures over shower curtains.


Glass Bathtub Enclosures vs. Shower Curtains


If you are thinking about upgrading or remodeling your bathroom, you will want to consider what to use for your bathtub enclosure. Do you want a glass bathtub door or a shower curtain?


There are advantages and disadvantages to both glass doors and shower curtains. Glass bathtub enclosures can initially be more costly, but they can offer you a great look and function. These glass enclosures can also last for a long time, whereas you will be replacing your shower curtain more frequently. Shower curtains can be great because you can change up the style or color quickly and easily. However, they also can collect mildew easily, and some shower curtains are made of some volatile organic compounds that could be dangerous to your health. Shower curtains can also drip water all over your bathroom floor.


Only you can decide which of these options is better for you, but we think there are several reasons that glass bathtub doors could be a better fit for you and your space. Learn more below.


4 Reasons to Choose Glass Bathtub Enclosures


Glass shower doors and glass bathtub enclosures offer some advantages over shower curtains. Check out four reasons why a glass bathtub enclosure could be a better option for you than a shower curtain.


  1. Complete Enclosure – When you put a glass enclosure around your bathtub, you will completely cover the entrance to your shower and bath. Whether you choose sliding glass doors or a pivot tub door, you can be sure your enclosure covers the entire opening to your bathtub. This is beneficial because it helps avoid water leaking out of your bathtub/shower. It also can prevent that cold air from coming into your shower or bath. If you are not careful with a shower curtain, it can let water out of your shower or drip water on your bathroom floor. Shower curtains can also swing in and stick to your legs and let cold air in. You don’t have to worry about any of this with a glass bathtub enclosure.
  2. Simple, Modern Look – Style is another reason to choose a glass bathtub enclosure. Glass gives your bathroom a simple and modern look with clean lines. A glass shower door can also make your bathroom look more high-end than a shower curtain. If you choose the right shower curtain, you can also get a more modern look, but glass is a popular way of creating a clean and contemporary look in your bathroom.
  3. Larger Looking Bathroom – Another advantage of a glass bathtub enclosure over a shower curtain is the fact that a glass enclosure makes your bathroom look larger. When you choose to use a glass enclosure for your shower or bathtub, the transparent nature of the glass allows you to see all the way through your shower. This makes your bathroom look and feel bigger. A shower curtain can cut off your bathtub and make your bathroom feel smaller overall. If you want your bathroom space to look larger, you will want a glass bathtub enclosure.
  4. Easy to Keep Clean – Glass bathtub enclosures are also great because they are easy to keep clean. To keep them clean, you simply have to spray on some glass cleaner and wipe the glass down regularly. On the other hand, it can be harder to keep a shower curtain clean. The shower curtain liner retains moisture longer than glass; this means the liner can develop mildew, which is very hard to get clean. That is why cleanliness is a significant reason to choose a glass bathtub enclosure over a shower curtain.


As you can see, a glass bathtub enclosure could be a good option for you. If you are looking to upgrade and add a frameless glass shower door or glass bathtub enclosure to your bathroom, you can learn more from Giant Glass & Mirror.


We hope you enjoyed our reasons why glass bathtub enclosures are better than shower curtains. Do you have any other reasons you prefer glass bathtub enclosures or frameless shower doors over shower curtains? Tell us in the comments below! Also, be sure to come back next week to read our blog post “5 Reasons to Use a Frameless Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom.”

5 Reasons to Use a Frameless Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Using a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom could elevate the style and function of a room that you use multiple times a day. There are a lot of great reasons to use a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom. Learn more about those reasons below.


What is a Frameless Glass Shower Door?


Modern bathroom interior combined with toilet. Shower room and toilet are covered with tiles in the color of wood, white walls and a white floor and a washbasin with a large mirror in the center

Sliding shower doors are common features in the average bathroom. Most of these sliding shower doors have a thin layer of glass surrounded by a thick metal frame that is sealed to the side of your shower. The problem with this framed shower door option is the fact that it is often made of cheaper materials like the metal that will rust and the seals that will collect mold and mildew.


A frameless glass shower door is made with thicker glass, and it is without that ugly metal frame. It is attached to the wall with one of many sturdy and beautiful hardware options. Frameless glass shower doors can be more expensive than their framed glass counterparts, but they are also of higher quality and a more high-end style.


5 Reasons to Use a Frameless Glass Shower Door


There are many reasons to choose a frameless shower door over a framed shower door or a shower curtain. Check out five of these reasons below.


  1. Easily Customizable – One significant advantage of a frameless shower door is the fact that it is easily customizable. If you have a unique shower shape or size, you might have a hard time finding a framed shower door to fit your needs, but with a frameless shower door, it is easy. The glass is simply cut to the exact specifications of your shower. This will work for a single glass shower wall or a shower that has multiple glass walls. A frameless shower door is much easier to customize than some other alternative.
  2. Embraces Natural Light and Open Concept – If a bathroom feels dark and closed off, it can seem small and depressing. A frameless shower door offers the advantage of making a bathroom feel warmer and more welcoming by embracing natural light. Also, the transparent nature of the frameless glass door gives you more of an open feel than a shower curtain does.
  3. Minimizes the Risk of Mildew and Mold – One big disadvantage of shower curtains and framed shower doors is the fact that they easily collect mold and mildew. An advantage of a frameless shower door is that it doesn’t. A framed shower door has a metal frame and seal that can collect mold and mildew that is almost impossible to clean. A shower curtain can also collect that mold and mildew on the liner. If you want to avoid that, you can upgrade to a frameless shower door. You can keep a frameless shower door clean easily by simply wiping it down regularly.
  4. Makes Your Bathroom Look Larger – Above, we discussed how a frameless glass shower door can embrace natural light and an open concept theme. These factors are great in their own right, but they also contribute to another great advantage—a bigger looking bathroom. Many bathrooms feel small and cramped, and a shower curtain or framed shower door doesn’t necessarily help with this phenomenon. However, a frameless shower door makes your bathroom feel larger because the glass allows you to look all the way through your shower. Instead of a shower curtain that closes off the space, you could have a frameless shower door that makes your bathroom look larger.
  5. Adds Contemporary Style – One final advantage of choosing to use a frameless shower door in your bathroom is the fact that it adds a contemporary style. Modern and upscale bathrooms are increasing in popularity because people want a beautiful and functional place to get ready for their day, and a place to enjoy a hot bath after they’ve had a long day. A frameless glass shower door could help you get this contemporary feel.


As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to use frameless glass shower doors. These shower doors can provide you with optimal function and style in your bathroom. Tell us in the comments which of these reasons is the most important to you. Also, let us know if you have any questions about frameless shower doors. The experts at Giant Glass & Mirror would be happy to answer any questions you have about the style and function of frameless shower doors.


Next week, you can expect an article offering you some great tips to keep your shower doors clean. No one likes to clean their bathroom, but hopefully, this article can help you stay on top of cleaning and keep your shower doors looking great.

Breathing New Life Into Your Bathroom: Making Plans to Install a Frameless Shower Door

Friday, February 1st, 2019

If you have decided to add a frameless shower door to your bathroom, you understand the added style and functionality that it can give you. However, after making this decision, you may not be sure where to begin.


How do you plan and prepare for installation of a frameless shower door? There are numerous factors to consider when adding a frameless shower door to your home. Learn more about these elements and the steps you should take to plan for your frameless shower door below.


Customize Your Frameless Shower Door to Fit Your Personal Style


First things first, before you buy a frameless shower door, you need to establish what you want from your shower door and how you want it to function in the space.  Things like glass thickness and type as well as the hardware you want on the door should all play a role in your final decision. Check out our list below to be sure you are considering all the different options before you buy a frameless shower door.


  • Bathroom Area – How much space does your bathroom have? The area in your bathroom is an essential factor to consider when you are planning for a frameless shower door. Unless you plan on renovating the room, you must choose a door that fits in the space you have.
  • Shower Door Type – There are a few different options when it comes to choosing a frameless shower door. You want to be sure to select a door that matches your style and personality, but you also want to be sure the door will function correctly in your bathroom. For example, a frameless pivot shower door can swing in or out, while a hinged shower door can only swing one way. Take into consideration what type of shower door will work best for you before you order one.
  • Glass Thickness and Style – Next, you want to consider the glass itself. How thick do you want the glass to be? What type or style of glass do you want? For a frameless shower door, the minimum glass thickness is 3/8 of an inch which ensures the door will be sturdy and stable. However, you can increase the glass thickness all the way up to 1/2 an inch if you want a premium thickness. Another preference you need to think about is the style of glass you want for your frameless shower door. You might decide to go with standard clear glass, or you could choose to

    Elegant bathroom with glass shower and hardwood floor.

    use frosted glass for more privacy.

  • Hardware Type – Finally, you must make a decision about the type of hardware you want for your frameless shower door. Do you want custom handles and a towel bar? Are you looking for hooks or knobs? Think about what type of hardware you like, and also which finish will match your décor. You can choose from finishes like brushed nickel, brass, gold, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and more.


It’s All About the Numbers: Measuring for Your Frameless Glass Shower Door


Now that you have settled on all the different elements for your frameless shower door, you can finally get ready to order it. However, to order your shower door, you need the measurements for your space. Grab a tape measure and check out our tips for accurately measuring for your frameless shower door.


  1. Measure Shower Height – The first step in measuring for your frameless shower door is to measure the shower height. Be sure you measure the height on both sides in case there is a difference from one side to the other.
  2. Measure Shower Width – Next, measure the width of the shower enclosure. Again, take this measurement in two places to account for any differences. We recommend, measuring the width of the top half of the shower and the bottom half.
  3. Check to See If Your Shower is Level – After you have measured the height and width, grab a level and check the shower walls and floor to see if the surface is level.
  4. Measure Angles – Finally, you will need to measure any angles. This only applies to you if you are putting up more than one wall for your enclosure. If you are only installing one wall, you can skip this step.


While you can complete all of these measurements yourself, if you are having any trouble picking out a shower door or measuring your space, you can consult our experts at Giant Glass & Mirror.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we want to help you create a shower oasis with a custom glass shower door. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and will work with you until you are satisfied with the final product. Reach out to us if we can help you customize your frameless shower door today.

Frameless Shower Doors Vs. Framed Shower Doors

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018




Framless Shower ShieldWhen it comes to a shower enclosure, you have a lot of different options to choose from. You can decide to use a shower curtain, a framed shower door, or a frameless shower door. The decision you make depends on your needs and your style. Below, we are going to compare frameless shower doors and framed shower doors so that you can determine which option is best for you and your home.
Framed shower doors and frameless shower doors have some significant differences when it comes to style, cost, maintenance, and more. Check out the differences below.

  • Style – The biggest difference between the style of framed shower doors and frameless shower doors is the configuration. With a framed shower door, you don’t have as many options. Most framed shower doors are sliding doors on a track and this type of door usually only covers one wall of the shower. However, frameless shower doors, give you have a lot of possibilities for customization. Frameless doors allow you to create an entire glass surround. Additionally,you have the possibility of using hinged doors or pivot doors. Frameless glass shower doors also look more modern and high-end than a framed shower door.
  • Space – As a general rule, framed shower doors take up less space than frameless shower doors. This is because framed shower doors are often sliding doors that stay on a specific track when opened. With frameless shower doors, you might have a hinged or pivot door that swings out into the room. You should consider the size of your bathroom before you choose a shower door option.
  • Maintenance – When it comes to cleanliness and maintaining shower doors, there are some things to note about framed shower doors. The track and frame of a framed shower door can collect water, causing the metal to corrode. The lining of the frame can also collect mold and mildew easily. These two downfalls of framed shower doors can make them harder to clean and maintain. On the other hand,it is easy to maintain and clean a frameless shower door with a few tips. It is also usually easier to fix or replace a part in a frameless door than it is a framed door.
  • Cost – The cost of a shower door depends on the size of the door and whether or not it has to be customized. However, as a general rule, a framed shower door will be less expensive than a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door requires much thicker glass, and high-quality clips for the glass to attach to the wall.
  • Installation – Unless you have a lot of experience, it is best if a professional handles the installation of your shower door, whether it is framed or frameless. The installation of these two doors is slightly different because they are put together differently. It will probably take longer to install a frameless glass shower door because this door is heavier and requires precision to be correctly installed. A framed door is slightly easier to install because the door is less cumbersome. Even though the glass for a framed glass shower door is much thinner, someone will still have to install the frame properly.

As you can see both framed shower doors and frameless shower enclosures have their advantages. Framed shower doors are usually less expensive than frameless shower doors, but frameless doors have the benefit of better customization and easier maintenance. Many people choose to use frameless glass shower doors in their bathroom because they give a high-end and modern look to the bathroom. The type of door you select for your home depends on your needs and desires.




We understand that even with all the advantages explained, you will still have questions surrounding a frameless shower door installation. All your questions and concerns are valid, after all, you need to be sure that you’re making the best investment for your home.
Get answers to the three most commonly asked questions so that you can make an informed decision.


1.Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?


This is undoubtedly the biggest question on your mind. When looking at a frameless enclosure, it’s impossible not to wonder: do frameless shower doors leak? The answer here is yes and no… depending on where you get your doors from. DIY jobs with mass produced doors usually do leak, and it’s one of the reasons why you should always insist on a professional installation. At Giant Glass & Mirror we precision engineer every panel and piece of hardware for your unique bathroom. Made-to-fit glass means you won’t have problems in the future.

2What are Common Problems with Frameless Shower Screens?


The only real concern that homeowners have is leaking. As we’ve addressed, you won’t experience leaks when choosing the best frameless glass shower door company in South Florida. There are also cases of low-quality doors shattering when improperly installed. This is another problem that you will avoid when choosing our expert design, fabrication, and installation service. Our tempered glass doors resist damage to provide the safest possible shower door for your home.


3.Is There a Difference in Cost of Frameless Shower vs. Framed?


There is a price premium when upgrading to a frameless glass shower door, but this is offset by the durability and improved aesthetic that you will enjoy. Sure, you could choose a framed door and save a few dollars, but your bathroom won’t look as impressive as it would with a frameless option. You’ll also have more to worry about in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Over the lifetime of your home, a frameless shower door will easily pay for itself in the convenience it provides. If you ever choose to sell your home, then expertly installed frameless doors could even attract better offers and more interest from the market.
Durability, safety, and convenience. You can enjoy it all when you invest in frameless glass shower doors for your home. Your bathroom will feel brighter and bigger, giving you a noticeable improvement that you will enjoy every single day.




How Glass Table Tops Can Improve Your Everyday LifeHomeowners have many demands when remodeling and renovating. For many, environmental impact is now part of the decision-making process. People understand today, more than ever before, that every choice we make has some impact on the environment. The materials you choose in your home could decrease or increase your impact, depending on which way you go.
Glass is popular because it’s beautiful and durable. Homeowners are also beginning to appreciate it as an eco-friendly material. Here are some of the reasons why you should insist on glass bathroom upgrades if you want your home to be better for the environment.

  • Glass is highly durable. It will last for years or even decades when properly cared for. Giant Glass & Mirror uses an advanced tempering process to ensure that the material resists scratching and breakage. The frameless shower that you install today could potentially last for the lifetime of your home. Compared to some other materials, this can make a big difference. By investing in a long-lasting solution, you will reduce the construction waste that comes from frequent renovations.
  • Glass is fully recyclable. Even if you decide to replace frameless glass in the future, the material can be melted down and recycled for other purposes. This makes it inherently eco-friendlier than materials like plastic, fiberglass, and composites. Compared to using disposable shower curtains, glass is clearly better for the environment.
  • Choosing glass frameless shower doors could potentially decrease your need for lighting, which will reduce your overall electrical usage. Glass allows line of sight from wall to wall, so you will use fewer light fixtures in your bathroom. While this might seem like a small advantage, the energy usage of an extra fixture would add up over the years. Every little bit counts.
  • Glass is an inert material. This means it can’t be contaminated from chemicals, fungus, bacteria, etc. If you keep the surface clean, your frameless glass shower door will remain beautiful and free of contaminants indefinitely.

If you demand eco-friendly materials in your home, glass is a material that you should use more of. Giant Glass & Mirror can create custom shower enclosures, doors, and shields for your next remodeling or renovation project.




If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, you will be looking into different shower enclosure options. Above we discussed some of the differences when it comes to framed shower doors and frameless shower doors.
Giant Glass & Mirror specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom frameless glass shower doors. You can reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you with your bathroom remodel or upgrade. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we design each shower door to reflect our client’s needs and desires. Reach out to us today.


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Why You Should Choose Frameless Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

A master bathroom should be an oasis. It is a place where you take long luxurious showers or baths, and since you use your bathroom every day, you want it to be high quality. Shower doors and bathtub enclosures play a considerable role in the functionality of your bathroom space. If you are looking to upgrade your current bathroom, you should consider adding frameless shower doors. Learn more about frameless shower doors below, and why they would be a great addition to your space.


What are Frameless Shower Doors?


A framed shower door is made of thin glass with metal around the edges to strength it. However, a frameless shower doors use thicker glass without the metal frame. A frameless shower door is strong and beautiful. It is also easy to customize, and frameless shower doors have a lot of other advantages as well. Check out those advantages below.


Advantages of Using Frameless Shower Doors


Many people are choosing to update their bathrooms with frameless shower doors to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.


  • Sturdy Design – The glass in frameless shower doors is much thicker than glass found in framed

    Closeup of staging modern stone grey tiled bathroom, marble countertop in model home, apartment or house with candles, towels, pouf, soap dispenser, glass shower door

    shower doors. Frameless doors are usually between 3/8” and 1/2” thick glass. This makes them very sturdy and reliable.

  • Easy to Repair and Replace – With framed shower doors, you have a lot of different parts and components, so they can be hard to repair and replace. In comparison, frameless shower doors are much easier to repair and replace because there are fewer parts and these parts are easily accessible.
  • Easy to Clean – Frameless shower doors are minimal and easy to clean. You simply have to wipe down the glass, and everything looks like new again. These doors are also less likely to collect mold and mildew than framed shower doors because they don’t have places for mold to accumulate.
  • Long-Lasting – Another advantage of frameless shower doors is that they can be long-lasting. These doors often last longer than a framed shower door because they are simple and durable, without large metal frames that can break or wear out.
  • Easy to Customize – Like most doors, framed shower doors come in specific sizes. In contrast, frameless glass shower doors are easy to customize allowing you to choose any size glass panel to fit your space. You can also be more inventive with the design of your shower. For example, you can have three glass walls with a frameless shower door, while a framed door usually only has one glass wall.
  • Stylish and Beautiful – One final advantage of frameless glass shower doors is the added style and beauty. A frameless shower door makes your bathroom lighter because the glass walls let light through. This type of door can also make your bathroom feel bigger compared to a shower curtain. Additionally, a frameless shower door can show off a beautifully tiled shower. Frameless doors can add a lot of style, beauty, and functionality to your bathroom.


Above, we discussed some of the many benefits of choosing frameless glass shower doors for your bathroom upgrade. After you decide on the type of shower door you would like, you will want to look into customization so that you can get a frameless shower door that fits perfectly in your home. Learn more about customizing your bathroom below.


Customizing Your Bathroom


You want your bathroom to be a space that works for you. That means an intuitive design and layout with high-quality materials. One great benefit of using frameless shower doors is the custom element. You can ensure your frameless shower doors fit into your bathroom space exactly how you want.

You can get custom designed, and custom-built frameless glass shower doors for your home from Giant Glass & Mirror. We offer many different glass options with various looks and thicknesses. For example, you can choose 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass for your frameless shower door.


At Giant Glass & Mirror we specialize in creating custom frameless shower doors for great prices. We can help you add the perfect touches to a bathroom remodel, a new construction project, or even a replacement installation. For over 20 years, our staff at Giant Glass & Mirror has been providing design, fabrication, and installation for shower doors, glass shelves, mirrors, and more.


You can find Giant Glass & Mirror in Dania Beach, Florida, but we serve all of South Florida. We even have nationwide shipping available. If you would like to discuss custom glass or mirrors for your home, you can reach out to us here. We look forward to helping you upgrade your home.