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Shower curtains versus glass bathtub doors. This is a debate that occurs pretty consistently in the world of bathroom remodels and upgrades. If you are redoing your bathroom, deciding between glass bathtub doors and shower curtains is something you will have to do. Below, check out our top four reasons to choose glass bathtub enclosures over shower curtains.


If you are thinking about upgrading or remodeling your bathroom, you will want to consider what to use for your bathtub enclosure. Do you want a glass bathtub door or a shower curtain?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both glass doors and shower curtains. Glass bathtub enclosures can initially be more costly, but they can offer you a great look and function. These glass enclosures can also last for a long time, whereas you will be replacing your shower curtain more frequently. Shower curtains can be great because you can change up the style or color quickly and easily. However, they also can collect mildew easily, and some shower curtains are made of some volatile organic compounds that could be dangerous to your health. Shower curtains can also drip water all over your bathroom floor.

Only you can decide which of these options is better for you, but we think there are several reasons that glass bathtub doors could be a better fit for you and your space. Learn more below.


Glass shower doors and glass bathtub enclosures offer some advantages over shower curtains. Check out four reasons why a glass bathtub enclosure could be a better option for you than a shower curtain.

  • Complete Enclosure – When you put a glass enclosure around your bathtub, you will completely cover the entrance to your shower and bath. Whether you choose sliding glass doors or a pivot tub door, you can be sure your enclosure covers the entire opening to your bathtub. This is beneficial because it helps avoid water leaking out of your bathtub/shower. It also can prevent cold air from coming into your shower or bath. If you are not careful with a shower curtain, it can let water out of your shower or drip water on your bathroom floor. Shower curtains can also swing in and stick to your legs and let cold air in. You don’t have to worry about any of this with a glass bathtub enclosure.
  • Simple, Modern Look – Style is another reason to choose a glass bathtub enclosure. Glass gives your bathroom a simple and modern look with clean lines. A glass shower door can also make your bathroom look more high-end than a shower curtain. If you choose the right shower curtain, you can also get a more modern look, but glass is a popular way of creating a clean and contemporary look in your bathroom.
  • Larger Looking Bathroom – Another advantage of a glass bathtub enclosure over a shower curtain is the fact that a glass enclosure makes your bathroom look larger. When you choose to use a glass enclosure for your shower or bathtub, the transparent nature of the glass allows you to see all the way through your shower. This makes your bathroom look and feel bigger. A shower curtain can cut off your bathtub and make your bathroom feel smaller overall. If you want your bathroom space to look larger, you will want a glass bathtub enclosure.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – Glass bathtub enclosures are also great because they are easy to keep clean. To keep them clean, you simply have to spray on some glass cleaner and wipe the glass down regularly. On the other hand, it can be harder to keep a shower curtain clean. The shower curtain liner retains moisture longer than glass; this means the liner can develop mildew, which is very hard to get clean. That is why cleanliness is a significant reason to choose a glass bathtub enclosure over a shower curtain.

As you can see, a glass bathtub enclosure could be a good option for you. If you are looking to upgrade and add a frameless glass shower door or glass bathtub enclosure to your bathroom, you can learn more from Giant Glass & Mirror.