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Should You Put a Mirror in Every Room of Your Home?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Should You Put a Mirror in Every Room of Your Home?From a design point of view, mirrors can do wonders. Every entry should have a mirror as people like to check how they look when both entering and exiting a home. Small rooms need mirrors to make them feel more spacious. No matter what your style is, mirrors can make a room feel more glam, farmhouse, industrial, or midcentury, just from the look of the frame. Mirrors in bathrooms are a necessity, and in bedrooms, they can create a great space for getting dressed and checking your outfit for the day. The truth is, all designers and homeowners love mirrors because they are so versatile and helpful. You can’t go wrong by adding a mirror to your home, but can you have too many mirrors? Is there anything bad about putting a mirror in every room?


Mirrors in Every Room


Most interiors designers agree that you can use a mirror in every room, as long as it is serving a purpose. Having more than one mirror in any room could start to feel like too much. You don’t want to make your family or guests uncomfortable by surrounding them with mirrors on every side. The obvious and most functional places for mirrors are bathroom and vanity mirrors. Next most common is the entryway. Lastly, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. The great thing about mirrors is that they are both functional and beautiful. They can be works of art in and of themselves, offering light, texture, and dimension to any room. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we offer a wide variety of customizable mirrors in any shape, size, and style you want.


Custom Bathroom Mirrors


Customizing your bathroom mirror automatically makes your bathroom feel more like your own. You can decide how big, what shape, frame style, and more for your bathroom or vanity mirror. However, you should always make sure that your mirror doesn’t exceed the size of your vanity. You want to ensure it is proportionate to your vanity and wall. Place the middle of your mirror at eye level or as close to eye level as possible when hanging it. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we can design, customize, and create your bathroom mirror as well as make sure it is installed correctly.


Entryway Mirrors


Custom Bathroom Mirrors or bedroom mirrors

Having a wall mirror in your entryway is a smart idea for a lot of reasons. You and your guests can check how you look as you go in and out of the home, your entryway will appear bigger, and your mirror will reflect light from front door windows into the rest of the entry. Additionally, it will add a beautiful decorative aspect to the room, setting the tone and style for the rest of your home. Entryway mirrors should make a statement with a detailed or striking frame. This is a place where you can have some fun by choosing a funky shape, bold color, or multiple mirrors rather than just one. Customize the look and style you want with our professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror.


Bedroom Mirrors


Decorative wall mirrors are great to have in a bedroom. They make it feel better, add style and texture, and provide a functional area for you to see a full-length reflection of yourself.  Make sure that the kind of bedroom mirror you have reflects your style and adds to the atmosphere you want to create. Your master bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. It should be a place to relax and unwind. We can help you design a mirror that flows with the rest of your home and makes you look forward to returning to your bedroom each night. Prop large, full-length mirrors up against the wall for an elegant, leaning look, or hang them up if you have high ceilings for a regal, formal design. For a more modern look, choose beveled edges and sleek lines.


Whether you decide to put a mirror in every room of your home or not, the idea should be to create a home that you love. Not every room will be big or bright or need artwork. That’s where mirrors come in. You can’t go wrong if your number of mirrors is both functional and beautiful. With over 20 years of experience in the glass and mirror industry, Giant Glass & Mirror offers our customers the highest quality products for affordable prices. We can help you design mirrors for any room and as many rooms as you want. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom mirror design for your home.

Complement the Style of Your South Florida Home with Decorative Mirrors

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Classic, Modern, or Contemporary?



While decorating your home with mirrors may seem like an idea straight out of the ’70s, style is cyclical, and everything that was once old eventually becomes new again. Believe it or not, mirrors are back in many unique, fresh, and exciting ways. Mirrors are a simple necessity in some areas of your home, the bathroom for example; however, they can also be a multipurpose conversation piece in other rooms throughout your home.


Decorative mirrors add a touch of elegance to any space. Additionally, they serve a practical purpose in the bathroom and entryway of your home while simultaneously bringing light to a dark wall, providing depth to a narrow hallway, or adding character to an office space or dining room. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up an area of your home, you should consider a mirror. Read on to learn about how mirrors can improve the look of your home, wherever you choose to place one.


Showcase Your Quirky Sense of Style


Mirrors can be fun! You can easily transform a plain frameless mirror into an interesting piece by framing it. Just take a look at how The Frugal Homemaker updated her vanity mirror in a snap! Also, you don’t always have to use classic wood trim, don’t discount non-traditional materials you could use to frame a mirror. Reclaimed barn wood, tree branches, even kid toys like small cars and building blocks can be glued onto mirrors to make them more fun or exciting! The possibilities are endless; just be sure to use the appropriate application products.

Even a simple coat of paint on an existing frame can make a significant impact on a mirror you already have. If you use plenty of painter’s tape and have a steady hand, you can even quickly paint a mirror frame without ever taking the mirror off the wall.

Because the frame on a mirror is relatively small, you may consider a bold color for the paint. Choose a color that contrasts with the wall color for maximum visual impact.

Updating a simple vanity mirror is a small and inexpensive project that you can complete in a day to add color and flair to your space!


Keep it Sleek and Sophisticated


If quirky isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Mirrors are so versatile, they work in every home, no matter what the theme is.

If your dining room holds a contemporary table and chairs, consider placing a rectangular mirror on one wall. A beautiful beveled edge surrounding a custom cut mirror makes an impressive statement.

Additionally, a large floor mirror placed opposite from a window enhances the sophistication of a well-appointed living room, while hanging a group of mirrors above a couch in your family room creates the illusion of more space and also serves as an intriguing display sure to impress your guests.


Essential Elements to Consider When Decorating with Mirrors


Using mirrors in your home décor is relatively straight-forward. You may have a mirror and decide to design an entire room around it, or you may have to find a mirror that fits perfectly and adds just the right detail to your already well-decorated place.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering hanging up a new mirror.







  • Measure the space thoroughly to ensure the mirror you want will fit
  • Take great care when deciding where to hang a mirror-remember they reflect everything good and bad. A mirror hung opposite a window with an amazing view is an excellent choice while hanging it across from a clutter-filled area is not such a great option.
  • Choose the right edge. A beveled edge looks lovely on a large mirror in your dining room, for example.
  • Shape matters, too. Traditionally, mirrors are rectangular or oval. However, recently, designers have been using round and square mirrors. With the advancement in cutting technology, custom mirrors can be cut into almost any shape.


Elle Decor has some incredible examples of decorating with mirrors in beautiful homes around the country. From their ideas, it is easy to see just how many materials can be used to frame a mirror or how simply beautiful a mirror can be on its own, paired with masterful artwork, or opposite a spectacular view. Mirrors are a versatile and inexpensive way to give any room a new look.


Reach out to Giant Glass & Mirror today to see how our mirror specialists can help you fill that blank space on your wall. We are a full-service glass company that has been serving South Florida for over 20 years. We design, fabricate and install all of our products and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mirrors are Important in Every Home

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


There are many practical uses for mirrors in your home. Obviously, you need a mirror in each of your bathrooms, and many people choose to place a mirror near the front door. You may or may not prefer to have one in your bedroom, depending on how closely you follow the rules of Feng Shui. However, mirrors can serve more than a practical purpose. They can be stylish and decorative as well.

We take mirrors for granted most of the time. They are a household item that gets used every day. Even though most people look in a mirror multiple times a day, the actual mirror itself goes unnoticed. To understand the important role the mirror has in our everyday lives, let’s learn a bit about the history of this functional and often beautiful household item.Mirrors are Important in Every Home


Mirrors: A Brief History


Humans have been admiring themselves by looking at their reflection on many different surfaces throughout history. Since the dawn of time, humans could study their reflection in still pools of water. Some considered this to be magic and some were very frightened by it.


The first examples of man-made mirrors were made with obsidian which is volcanic glass. The obsidian was polished to the desired reflectiveness and used by many throughout history. Even in modern times, some people believe an obsidian mirror has healing properties and can increase your overall wellness.


Ancient humans used a variety of materials as mirrors. Glass, bronze, copper, and stone are all examples of natural elements used to see one’s reflection. These materials were polished until shiny and reflective. Glass is hard, produces little blur, and is more scratch resistant than other materials but isn’t very reflective on its own. Stone scratches easily. Other metals used had to be polished frequently to keep their reflective ability.

Ancients from across the globe tried many combinations of metals and other materials throughout time. They learned early on that coating glass with molten metal produced the best reflection. Over thousands of years, craftsmen have perfected the process.


It may be surprising to learn that the mirror as we know it today is less than 200 years old. In 1835, German chemist Justus Von Liebig developed the process of depositing a thin layer of silver on a flat piece of glass. This silvering process made mirrors more affordable which led to wider use. Now, the method of producing mirrors typically uses wet deposition of silver, chromium or nickel via electroplating.


We Use Mirrors for More Than Just Admiring Our Beautiful Face


Humans have used mirrors for many different purposes throughout history. Early humans associated reflective items with magic and they believed that they had mystical powers. Mirrors were a symbol of wealth and power for centuries. Over time, humans learned that they could use mirrors in scientific ways as well. They have been used in art and architecture for centuries.



Mirrors play an essential role in science and technology. Telescopes use mirrors, as do cameras, and flashlights. Many high-end electronics including televisions use millions of microscopic mirrors to improve clarity and picture quality. Mirrors are an important material used in solar panels as well.


Today, we use three mirrors in our vehicles while driving, but this wasn’t always the case. The first widely known use of a rearview mirror on a car was in 1911 at the Indy 500. Ray Harroun wanted to lighten the weight his car had to carry by not having his mechanic ride along in the race. Part of this man’s job was to face rearward and communicate with the driver. Race officials let Harroun use a rearview mirror in place of his mechanic. He went on to win the race. Harroun is often credited for ‘inventing’ the rearview mirror, but Harroun always gave credit to seeing it on a horse-drawn carriage in 1904. Early rearview mirrors were called “cop-spotters” and drivers used them to go faster when they wanted to outrun the law!


Why are Mirrors Important?


Mirrors are everywhere, but they often go unnoticed throughout the day. By the time you brush your teeth in the morning, drive to work, and walk into your office building, you will have encountered many mirrors already. They make many daily tasks easier and safer. Just imagine shaving or applying makeup without being able to see what you are doing. How dangerous would it be to drive on the highway if you didn’t have side view mirrors on your car? The mirrored glass that covers your office building allows much of the natural sunlight to enter while offering privacy to those inside at the same time. Our lives are better because of mirrors. If for no other reason than because no one has to walk around with spinach stuck in their teeth anymore!


Shop for Mirrors in South Florida


If you are in the market for a new mirror for your home or office, contact the mirror professionals at Giant Glass and Mirror in Dania Beach, Florida. Our team of experts has been serving the Miami area for over 20 years. We back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are sure to have the perfect mirror to fit your needs.

Luxury Glass Products for Yachts in South Florida

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

When talking about your yacht, luxury is a given. Elegance is an expectation when you and your guests come aboard. Custom designed luxury glass products throughout your vessel are the special touch youre looking for when developing the space. Giant Glass & Mirror knows luxury, yachts, and our customers. Our company has been serving the needs of yacht owners in South Florida for over 20 years with a team of skilled designers and fabricators coupled with installation and repair experts.


The main reason people buy boats of any size is to connect with the sea. Our glass products can provide that connection while simultaneously providing security. Explore some of the products available for yacht owners below.


Set Your Yacht Apart with Custom Interior Glass Products


Glass is a unique material that connects yet separates at the same time. It can become the focal point of a room when used as a window providing a magnificent view of the sea, or it can disappear almost entirely into a seamless border dividing two spaces within a common area. Glass connects us to the outdoors while protecting us from the elements. It provides light while holding in warmth and allows visual access with a sense of security. No other material offers form and function the way glass does.


If you desire a glass railing for your grand staircase, a nearly invisible room partition, or custommade glass shelving, the professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror can make it happen. Advancements in glass production have made it even more popular for use onboard yachts, and improvements in durability have made larger windows possible.


We manufacture quality products; however, accidents can and will happen, therefore we offer laminated glass products. If laminated glass should happen to break, an interlayer holds it together until it can be replaced.


Custom Designed Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space and Light Below Deck


Spaces below deck can feel closed in at times. The use of mirrors in certain areas can give the space a lighter, airier feel. Giant Glass & Mirror can custom design mirrors for the interior of your yacht to maximize natural light from windows and artificial light from fixtures. The simple trick of using mirrors to reflect existing light creates the illusion of more space and provides more light to dark areas. Mirror placement is a sophisticated design solution.


Elegance on a yacht doesn’t have to stop at the doorway to your bathroom. The mirror in your yacht bathroom is just as important as the one in your home. Giant Glass & Mirror can custom make a vanity mirror that is sure to suit your unique style. We offer custom sizes, edges, and frames to meet your exact requirements.


Sliding Glass Doors Provide Security on Your Yacht Without Compromising the Ocean View


Sliding glass doors have many applications onboard a yacht. While they are commonly used in showers, they can also be seen as interior partitions and weatherproof exterior doors. Large sliding doors with multiple sections are the sea goers answer to patio doors you find on land. Again, the reason you are on a yacht is to enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings the ocean offers. A sliding marine door from Giant Glass & Mirror provides this while giving you the peace of mind that comes with safe and durable, tempered glass, strong enough to protect you, your guests, and your investment from the harshest weather the sea may stir up.


Marine sliding door tracks can even be beautiful. You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes for your sliding door tracks. Giant Glass & Mirror has the quality you demand plus the style you love available in all our products. Our marine glass specialists will guide you through the design process step by step, ensuring the result is just what you imagined.


Florida Yacht Management recognizes that glass is an important material used in the design of modern yachts. They say:

“…Research and development into these new types of glass have led to features on superyachts such as full glass walls on superstructure decks, that results in great panoramic views, particularly when accompanied by glass bulwarks, without compromising structural integrity. Beyond the superstructure, glass is also playing a growing role in other areas of the yacht. For example, with the proper use of glass, “ugly” tender garages, can now be transformed into beach clubs with swim platforms… (Retrieved from)


Giant Glass & Mirror is the only name you need to know for your glass needs in South Florida. We have the knowledge and experience to help create the design you deserve on your yacht. Our glass products are designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained in Florida and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for more information on the products and services we offer our elite clientele.