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Glass Tabletops: Saving Your Furniture, The Environment, and Your Wallet

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Glass Tabletops: Saving Your Furniture, The Environment, and Your WalletDo you ever worry about buying expensive furniture because you know it will just get scratched? Are you waiting to invest in nice things until after your kids grow up? Stop waiting and worrying and add glass table tops to your home instead. Too often, people put what they want on hold for fear of it getting destroyed by kids or grandkids along with the wear and tear of everyday life. Rather than invest in long-lasting furniture that will stand the test of time, help the environment, and become a cherished family memory, more and more people are disposing of and re-buying cheap furniture over and over. Though this may seem to make sense at the moment, it doesn’t do anyone or anything any good in the long run. Read this interior designer’s point of view on how investing in long-lasting furniture can help save the environment while saving you money.


How Glass Table Tops Can Help


In an ideal world, we would all buy expensive furniture that looks good forever and never have to worry about it or replace it again. However, life happens. The sticky hands, the accidental spills, and the long nights of playing games and eating ice cream happen. All these are wonderful memories that you will cherish forever but will also create wear and tear on your nice dining table. A glass table top can make your life easier by protecting your furniture. Place glass over your dining and coffee tables or have the entire table top made out of glass. Either way, your table will be much easier to clean and will last forever. Invest in a quality glass table top now, and you’ll save money on all the replacement tables you would have had to buy over the years.


Benefits of Glass Table Tops


Whether you want glass furniture or just a glass top to shield your current furniture, you won’t regret adding glass table tops to your home. They add beautiful style, protection from damage, and are completely customizable so you can easily mix and match them with the rest of your homed decor. Make it yours with your own design, shape, color, and more.




Glass table tops add style to a room. A transparent surface automatically makes a room feel more open and spacious. This creates a feeling of lots of room to gather and be together. Glass table tops also add a modern, clean look to any room design with their sleek lines and seamless surface. Not just for residential homes, glass table tops instantly add a professional feel in commercial offices or conference rooms. Consider tempered glass with your choice of table top design and base material.Benefits of Glass Table Tops




Another benefit of glass table tops is the protection they provide. Any flat surface furniture you purchase will forever be guarded against damage when it has a glass top. Cleanable with a quick wipe down of glass cleaner, you no longer have to worry about how to clean your flat surfaces or how to repair them. You can avoid everyday damage from food, makeup stains, and wet glass rings with a glass top. Glass also protects furniture from harmful sun damage that may age your wood prematurely.





Lastly, glass table tops are completely customizable. Choose from a standard seamed edge or beveled edge. For glass shape, pick a square, curved, or round glass table top in any size. Additional shapes that can be created with glass tops are:

  • Oval
  • Kidney
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Boat Shape

Almost anything you can dream up is an option. Glass table tops cut to size to fit your unique dining room or breakfast nook layout are no problem. You can choose glass thickness, size, type, and color. Most glass can come in the following colors:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Frosted
  • Clear
  • Bronze
  • Gray


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