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The Benefits of Floating Glass Shelves

The Benefits of Floating Glass ShelvesWhether you are redecorating or just looking for a new display method, the benefits of floating shelves in your home or office are numerous. Compared to standard wood shelves, glass shelves are a beautiful and versatile option. Not only do they update a space and add interest and beauty, but they also provide extra storage without taking up a lot of space. Floating glass shelves add elegance to any space because of their clean lines and minimalistic appearance. You can display photos, meaningful collectibles, dishes, or glassware. Because glass is transparent, light passes through it, which helps brighten your home, especially if you have dark wood elsewhere in the room. Our professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror 

create custom tempered glass shelves that are strong and safe in any space you choose to use them in. Read on to learn how to decorate with glass shelves and customize them for your specific needs. 


How to Decorate with Glass Shelves


One of the interior design issues people run into the most today is combining their desire for big wide-open layouts with all of the things that they love to buy.  If you don’t want everything you own sitting on the floor, you’ve got to come up with a better solution. The best answer to this problem is more storage, and decorating with glass shelves can help. Consider using glass shelves instead of kitchen cabinets so that your kitchen feels bright and open or adding them to a separate bar area to enhance the atmosphere and create a fun gathering place. Glass shelves also look great in an office. Break up artwork and mirrors with glass shelves that display trophies, framed degrees, or books. Another fabulous place to use glass shelves is in a bathroom. Wherever there is empty wall space, consider placing floating glass shelves instead and storing extra toilet paper or towels there. Don’t have room for your big wall unit? Use glass shelves around your TV instead for an updated space that adds interest and storage but isn’t too bulky to get through the front door. Because of their versatility, you can truly use glass shelves in any room of your home. 


Custom Glass Shelves


Custom Glass ShelvesWhen you’ve looked for glass shelves but can’t find the right size for your space, contact Giant Glass & Mirror where it is easy to customize your glass shelves to fit any space and coordinate with any style. Choose from 3/8”-3/4” glass thickness for glass shelves in an office or retail space where you’d like to display products or show off your collectibles at home in a creative way. Do you have an empty corner in your home that needs something extra?  Add custom tempered glass shelves and beautiful functionality to that area. What about that unique piece of furniture that needs shelves but in a size you can’t find anywhere? Custom glass shelves solve your problem and don’t cover up any of the distinct qualities of the piece. When you decide to go custom, you create an element of décor that no one else has in their home, making it that much more meaningful. As you can see, the characteristics and benefits of glass wall shelving create both function and beauty.  


About Giant Glass & Mirror


For over 20 years, our team at Giant Glass & Mirror has been designing and fabricating high-quality glass products. We exclusively use the finest tempered glass materials to make your custom vision come to life. Our team of experts combined with innovative technology and our customer satisfaction guarantee makes us the smart choice for all your custom glass and mirror needs. Other products we provide are frameless tub enclosures, glass tabletops, frameless shower doors, glass partitions, and more. While you’re updating your home or office space with glass shelves, consider these additional updates:  

  • A frameless shower door to add value to your home 
  • Glass tabletops for a great way to protect your furniture and make your home feel modern at the same time 
  • Mirrors, especially large custom ones, to make your home feel bigger and more open


If you’ve been searching for “custom glass shelves near me,” you don’t need to look any further than Giant Glass & Mirror. Reach out to us for a free estimate today! 

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