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How Installing Glass Shelves Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling or designing a commercial space, the question of whether you should install glass shelves may be weighing on your mind. Many people don’t realize the benefits of glass shelves for both residential and commercial areas, or that they can be just as safe as wood shelves. We put together a list of the benefits of glass shelves for kitchen cabinets and floating glass shelves so that you can make the most informed decision about whether you want some form of glass shelves in your space or not.The Benefits of Glass Shelves


The Benefits of Glass Shelves


One of the major benefits of installing glass shelves in kitchen cabinets or using floating glass shelves is the ability you have to create dramatic lighting. You can achieve a beautiful ambiance when light is shining under and through each of your glass shelves. Additionally, when it’s not night time, the sun coming through the windows in your kitchen will reflect off your glass shelves, creating a beautiful, open, and airy feel. With the right lighting and/or placement near a window, glass shelves can serve as a unique art piece on their own in any room. Read HGTV’s blog for more ideas on how to decorate with floating shelves.


Glass Shelves Create Space


Glass shelves allow you to see past the shelves to the wall, making spaces feel bigger. Are you wondering if you should do upper cabinets or floating glass shelves? In a smaller kitchen, the floating glass shelves will help your space feel larger than it is. The more transparent something is, the more light can get through. This draws your eye through the glass shelves, rather than stopping it at something solid like wood or metal shelves, creating the illusion that you have more room, storage, and light in any given space.


Glass Shelves Look Great in a Bar


Do you have a bar area near your kitchen or in your basement? Consider using glass shelves to create the ultimate bar experience inside your home. Turning the lights on at night creates reflections of light from glass shelves to glass bottles and wine glasses. This brings a relaxed feeling and the familiar glow of an actual bar at a fine restaurant. During the day, your space will still feel open and clean, and your collection of drinkware and fine spirits will shine as its own centerpiece.


Glass Shelves in Commercial Spaces


Glass shelves are definitely not just for residential homes. They look great in any space and can make commercial locations like offices, business headquarters, banks, salons, and more look extremely high end and professional. Glass shelves are an efficient and beautiful way to create storage or appealing displays of products in a way that people can see them. Since glass shelves are clear, they don’t distract from any product or displayed items.


Are Glass Shelves Safe?

Are Glass Shelves Safe?Those who have concerns about the safety and strength of glass shelves need not worry. Tempered glass is very strong and durable (about four times stronger than regular glass), and you won’t have to think twice about it not being able to hold up certain items or cracking under pressure. Tempered glass is made to be less prone to cracking than other types of glass through a special kind of thermal control processing. Because of this, the safety of your glass shelves should never be a reason for not installing them.


How Do I Design Glass Shelves?


In addition to all the incredible benefits we have already listed above, glass shelves are a wonderful investment as they are completely customizable. They are easy to cut, which means they can fit in any small space or corner. You can add custom detail to them for added design and style as well. At Giant Glass & Mirror, you can create glass shelves according to your personal preference, customizing everything from hardware, glass thickness, glass design, and opacity level.How Do I Design Glass Shelves?


No matter how you decide to incorporate glass shelves into your home, you will not regret it. Strong, durable, beautiful, and functional, glass shelves can make a huge difference in any space. Consider adding them to your laundry room, closet, dining room, bathroom, spa, workout area, and more. There is no space, residential or commercial, that can’t benefit from the addition of tempered glass shelves. Call Giant Glass & Mirror for more information on how you can start customizing your own. We’ll discuss your vision with you and create a completely customized design to fit your space. Don’t live near Giant Glass & Mirror? We ship nationwide to accommodate all our customers.

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