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How Glass Table Tops Can Improve Your Everyday Life


How Glass Table Tops Can Improve Your Everyday LifeThe kitchen is the heart of the home, and the dining table is the gathering place. Unfortunately, too many families don’t use their dining table to eat together anymore. With the rush of school starting, jam-packed work schedules, and social events, who has time to cook, let along eat a meal together? However, studies show that it might be worth it to slow down a bit and make time. Some of the benefits of family dinners include better academic performance, higher self-esteem, and lower risk of depression. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we applaud any effort to gather as a family throughout the day and specialize in creating a beautiful and functional place to do so. With plenty of options to choose from, we can help you create the custom glass table top of your dreams. 


Glass Table Tops


Does one of the reasons you avoid dinner with the family have nothing to do with meal planning? Is it the thought of wiping off the table afterward? Or clearing off the table beforehand? Having a place that you look forward to going and a table that you love sitting at can change how you feel. You can customize glass table tops any way you like and fit them in any space in your kitchen, dining room, or breakfast area. Rectangular, round, oblong-you name it, our team at Giant Glass & Mirror can design and fabricate it using high-quality glass products. If you already have a table that you love, consider placing a piece of glass on top of it. Glass table tops cut to size to fit your current table will protect it from sticky fingers, tiny crumbs and potential scratches. Glass table tops are easy to wipe clean and help make family dinner time something to look forward to. 


Incorporating Glass Table Tops at Work


Incorporating Glass Table Tops at WorkIf you find yourself experiencing the same issue of avoiding social interaction around a table at the office as you do at home, there may be some parallels. Conference table discussions go a lot smoother when you don’t have to worry about creating a water stain if you put your drink down. Furniture lasts longer with glass on top of it, meaning you’ll help your company save money in the long run by using a glass table top cut to size on all of the desks and tables. Another benefit to glass in commercial spaces is that it adds a clean and modern feel. When you want a space to feel more professional and organized, add glass table tops. The smooth, transparent appearance of glass will instantly update your office atmosphere. 


Other Types of Glass Tables


When considering switching to a glass table top, don’t just think places where you sit. Consider the advantages of using a round glass coffee table in a small space. Adding glass in other areas of your home, such as coffee tables, side tables, and buffet tables is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to update and modernize your home. Round glass tables are often safer for children and coordinate with any style of décor. Especially when you have a smaller space that you want to feel larger, glass will keep your eyes moving through the furniture rather than around it while letting more light in as well. 


Using the Right Glass 


Using the Right Glass At Giant Glass & Mirror, we use only the highest quality glass products. If you already have a glass table or glass table top on your existing furniture, we offer both round and rectangle glass table top replacement. Just show us what you want us to recreate, and our team of experts will make it come to life. We use tempered glass which is strengthened through a heating and cooling process that makes the glass both stronger and safer. In the rare case that it does shatter, it will break into pieces that won’t cut you or your loved ones. Now shipping nationwide, at Giant Glass & Mirror we can cater to anyone searching for “glass table tops near me.” No matter where you live, take advantage of our high-quality glass products at discounted prices. We also ship all of our other products including frameless tub enclosures, frameless shower doors, glass shelves,  or mirrors anywhere in the U.S. 


“We contacted Joseph for glass shower doors in two bathrooms. He came, measured, gave us a quote and honored everything. His staff is very efficient, and everything was done totally professional. I would not hesitate to use this company again or to recommend them.” -Sari S. 


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