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Framed vs. Frameless Tub Enclosures for Your Remodel

Framed vs. Frameless Tub Enclosures for Your RemodelThe bathroom is where you begin and end each day, and it should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It can become your own private retreat where you can refresh, revamp, and feel completely at ease.


It’s no surprise that the bathroom is a major area of focus for home remodeling and renovation. Homeowners spend thousands on achieving the perfect bathroom aesthetic with all the features that make daily life easier and more convenient.


When it’s time to redesign your bathroom, you will find exclusive frameless tub enclosures at Giant Glass & Mirror. However, you can start by comparing the advantages of framed and frameless tub enclosures, which will help you to make the right decision for one of your most prominent bathroom features.


Invest in Standout Bathroom Features


Tub enclosures play a critical role in your bathroom. They serve a functional purpose by keeping water contained within your bath, and off your designer floor. At the same time, the right enclosure adds lasting beauty and appeal.


There are several different types of shower door designs available, ranging from simple vinyl curtains to exquisite frameless pivot tub doors. Glass is the most popular material used today, and there have been significant design innovations in recent years.


When you are considering a new tub enclosure, you’ll eventually need to decide between framed and frameless glass designs. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but only one comes out on top.


Our team here at Giant Glass & Mirror can tell you right now that frameless tub enclosures are far more beautiful and practical than their framed counterparts. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain why.


Framed Tub Enclosures – Pros & Cons


Framed glass enclosures allow for a near-seamless tub with large panels of clear tempered or textured glass. Frames can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, or even premium materials like bronze and gold.


The advantages of framed enclosures made a lot of sense twenty years ago, and some homeowners still consider them today. They include:

  • Make a small bath look larger with a (mostly) unobstructed view of your bathtub
  • The ability to match the frame with bathroom hardware materials
  • Practical protection to keep water within the bathtub, resulting in less cleaning and maintenance compared to a standard shower curtain
  • Compatibility with seals and sweeps to create a watertight enclosure


Custom designed frameless shower doors

With all the benefits, it’s not hard to understand why framed tub enclosures were so popular in the past. However, they’re not perfect. Some of the downsides faced by homeowners include:

  • Accumulation of soap scum and mildew around framed edges
  • Lack of a seamless appearance often desired in modern homes
  • Potential for injury on sharp frames
  • Risk of corrosion and deterioration of hardware, forcing homeowners to perform regular bathroom maintenance


Framed enclosures come close to being perfect, but they still lack in some key areas. Frameless tub enclosures address these shortcomings for an overall superior solution.


Frameless Tub Enclosures – Pros & Cons


With frameless tub enclosures, you will enjoy a seamless and ultra-modern aesthetic with no sign of framing, and no risk of extensive corrosion or deterioration. Frameless doors and panels consist of heavy-duty tempered glass supported by pivoting or sliding joints.

The advantages of going frameless include:

  • A cleaner aesthetic more suited to modern bathroom remodeling
  • Increased safety thanks to tougher glass without metal frames and sharp edges
  • Options for privacy frosting or fully transparent panels
  • A fully-sealed bathtub environment that reduces bathroom cleaning needs
  • Fewer metal parts that eliminate corrosion problems
  • Without frames and the crevices around them, mildew and soap scum issues won’t develop over time


Are there downsides to frameless glass? The short answer is no; however, it’s important to note that frameless bathtub doors and panels are costlier than framed equivalents. However, the price difference isn’t extreme, and your return on investment works out to be high over the lifetime of your home. Ultimately, you will pay slightly more for a bathroom that is more beautiful and easier to maintain, but most homeowners are willing to make the trade off.


Design a Better Bathroom with the Help of Bathtub Door Experts


Frameless tub enclosures are simply more beautiful and more convenient than their framed counterparts. When you want a gorgeous bathroom that really stands out, frameless is the only way to go.


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we produce the highest quality custom frameless tub enclosures. Whether you need a trackless shower door for tubs or even a half glass shower door, our engineers will design a solution that fits your budget and aesthetic requirements.


Glass is an eco-friendly material, and it can elevate the appearance of your bathroom, giving you real pride in your home. You’ll feel better every morning when you get ready for work, and every evening when you come home to unwind and relax.


Talk to us today, explore your options, and look forward to a beautiful modern bathtub enclosure that is a breeze to maintain.

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