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Beautiful and Functional Ways to Use Glass Partition Walls

Glass partitions are seen and used in more places than you might think: museums, offices, gyms, and now more often than ever before, residential homes. Though the open feel in homes has been popular for the last decade, people are starting to want more of a private feel without building walls that create barriers and blocked views. Glass partitions are the answer. With companies like Giant Glass & Mirror, you can completely customize your glass partition to the size, shape, style, and thickness you want. Here are some beautiful and functional ways to use glass partitions in your home in order to make it feel brand new.Beautiful and Functional Ways to Use Glass Partition Walls


Dining Room


Putting glass partition walls in your dining room is an excellent way to make it feel like its own space. It can help make the room feel more formal by creating an actual entry into the room and allowing for more private conversations if needed. It also helps move the focus away from dirty dishes and cooking and makes each meal feel more special. Your dining room should feel cozy and intimate, not like an extension of a messy work area. A simple, customized, glass partition wall design can accomplish that for you.




Do you want to have a place to work without feeling like your cooped up in a cave? Glass partition walls for office spaces are an excellent solution. They allow you to maintain the peace and quiet you need while still feeling like you have a connection to what’s going on outside of your office. Glass partition walls and glass doors are used all the time for corporate offices to create a sense of community, open communication, and an airy atmosphere. You can accomplish the same thing within the walls of your own home.




Having a place to be outside without the worry of bugs or wind is something many people don’t realize they need in their lives. A sunroom can be a place to enjoy the outdoors within the comfort of your own home. Some people use it as a place to relax, talk with friends, workout, and enjoy the warmth of the sun or a beautiful view. Read HGTV’s blog on bright and happy sunroom ideas to get inspired and start creating your own dream sunroom.


Workout Room


Create an outdoor workout room inside by utilizing glass partition wallsWorking out outdoors is always nice, but sometimes the equipment and motivating music you want and need isn’t available on a hike or in a swimming pool. Create an outdoor workout room indoors with glass partition walls that allow you to still use equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights but feel like you’re doing it outside. Make one corner a stretching and yoga area or turn the entire room into a dance studio. With glass partition walls, you can create a room that allows you to feel like you’re exercising outdoors without compromising your favorite things.


Wine Cellar

Another way homeowner can use glass partition walls is for wine cellars. If you have a beautiful and expanding wine collection, don’t hide it away in a dark corner. Let your guests see and admire it. Here are some examples of small wine cellars and wine room ideas you can recreate. With a customized glass partition wall design, you can keep your wine temperature-controlled while still being visible to you and your guests.




glass partition wall cost

Putting a glass partition wall in your kitchen is another great way to add elegance and an updated feel to your home. Do you want to be able to see your kids playing in the living room, but hear yourself think while in the kitchen? A glass partition detail can not only add style to your kitchen, but also much needed privacy without making you feel inaccessible to your family.


No matter where you decide to put your glass partition, or how you choose to design it, something as simple as glass can add a powerful and beautiful touch to your home. The functionality of glass partition walls precedes their beauty, allowing you to have an open feel in your home but still enjoy spaces where you can have alone time, private conversations, or experience the outdoors without compromising comfort. Call Giant Glass & Mirror to find out how much your glass partition wall cost will be and ask us about our ability to ship nationwide.

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